Market watch wrap up

Kyle osterhout


$1797.56 is what I made at the end of the game


I ended up 5th

Stock purchase strategy

My strategy trough out the game changed to at first from keeping the same stick for a while to buying stock at there low point

Selling stock strategy

I bought stock when they were going down and then it would go up in usually two days and I would make somewhat of a good profit

Biggest money makers

My biggest money maker was Amazon giving me $19.53 per stock

Money loser

The worst stock I bought was Twitter because it lost me $4.81 per share

Trends throughout the game

The trend I noticed was if you buy stock when it is cheap it could be an easy flip to make you money as long as you look into the stock

Extra resources

The extra resources I used was Google to look up the stock price from the past month

What I learned

I learned about the stock market and how it works and that you have to be on top of them all the time