Mrs. Laski

Hello Class!

I'm your instructor for this term. You can find the "professional" info in the Meet Your Instructor tab, but I wanted to share a few thing so that you know I'm a normal human being too!

I'm a horrible speller!

I always have been, probably always will be! So if I make a silly mistake please forgive me :)

Originally from Western NY State

I grew up in Wayne County NY (nearly Western NY), but I've lived in Ohio, South Carolina & Virginia.

I'm a librarian!

Yup - librarians aren't your stereotypical bun and cardigan wearing old ladies anymore. I'm in my late twenties and I am a teaching librarian, specializing in information literacy and technology instruction.

I am the Music Librarian at a small liberal arts college of Northern North Carolina.

Crazy Cat Lady!

My husband and I have 4 cats, ranging in age from 1 year to 8 years. All of our cats are named after food - Peanut, Twinkie, Eclair & Cheeto!