A.I.G Disease: SARS

By Steve Cannaday and Cameron Muir

Scientific Name, and Cause

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. This disease is caused by a virus.->

How Is The Disease Transmitted?

This disease is caused by the same group of viruses that cause the common cold, the disease is spread by person-person contact. Also from when you cough, or sneeze.

What are the symptoms of SARS?

High fever, headache, feeling of discomfort, body aches. Dry cough, stuffed, or runny nose.

How is it treated?

Antibiotics, antiviral medication, high does of steroids, and oxygen breathing supporters.

Ways to prevent:

Keep hands clean at all times, clean hands with soap and water, if hands are not visibly dirty then wash with alcohol as an alternate.
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In 2003, 774 people died from this disease, In 2003 about 8098 cases of SARS were treated, The W.H.O founded this disease, this started in Hong Kong, China.
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Investigating the Coronavirus and the threat of SARS