Takin' The Timber

Devastation. Deforestation. & The Rainforest.

So what?

What happens to all the wood?

  • We clear cut forests to increase the amount of farmland.
  • We build houses and all sorts of stuff from wood.
  • Examples: furniture, paper, toothpicks, baseball/cricket bats, picture frames.

What's the issue?

  • Forests absorb heat and cool areas.
  • Forests release oxygen into the atmosphere and help purify the air.
  • Clear-cutting a forest can increase the temperatures, and can change wind patterns.
  • Forests support biodiversity, providing habitats for wildlife.
  • Many medicinal breakthroughs have been lost because of the carelessness of loggers.

Real People. Real Problems.

Amazon Rainforest deforestation

Stop. Spread. Save.

Stop being scared:

As an individual, many people feel that there is little they can do to stop a problem as big as tropical deforestation. This type of thought process needs to be reversed. Solutions and productivity will skyrocket if optimism is replaced with pessimism!

Spread awareness among the people:

Write letters protesting and objecting to corporations responsible for destroying rainforests.

Save the Forests:

  • Recycling paper can slow rates of annual deforestation.
  • Buy items with the FSC logo! They support and reward non-profit certificates for well managed forests.
  • Supporting and donating to organizations that save rainforest acreage are other ways to help save the forests.

Dan Shorten

Deforestation sounds of a tropical rainforest app by Dan Shorten