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Mark Your Calendars

Apr. 25th - May 12th: Pike Road Athletics Coca-Cola Fundraiser

May 19th: Ocean Market Parent Preview Night and Publishing Party from 5:30-7:00

May 24th: Tentative date for our end of the year celebration! Details to come.

May 26th: Last day for learners

Muffins and Manicures with Mom

Hands down one of my favorite days of the school year! We hope you had a lovely start to your Mother's Day weekend! Enjoy your day! You deserve it!
Muffins and Manicures with Mom

Ocean Market Progress

We are working hard to get ready for market. This week we practiced our fine motor skills (and patience) creating necklaces with our shark teeth. After showing our necklaces to a few learners in other classrooms, we realized we better make more! We are making shell magnets and we even had a learner bring back some from his trip to the beach! If you haven't done so already, Please remember to send in 100 pennies and 10 dimes for your learner. This will be such an authentic way for our kids to learn how to keep track of a balance, use money and make change.

-We will have a Parent Preview Night and Publishing Party on May 19th from 5:30-7:00. You are invited to come and take a sneak peek at our market and to also celebrate your child's nonfiction book. You can drop by anytime between those hours. Your learners will be shopping and selling independently the following day during school hours.

Thank you so much for you support!

Shark Tooth Necklaces
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When two vowels go a walkin'...

The first vowel does the talkin.' This week we reviewed vowel pairs. We learned that most of the time when we see these letters together, the first letter is the sound that you use. The second letter is silent. As you read with your learner at home, look for these vowel pairs.
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USDA Specialty Crop Grant

The Outdoor Classroom Committee needed our help this week in writing a grant for plants and crops for PRS. They are trying to establish a baseline of student perspectives on eating fruits and vegetables with their meals. Learners were asked to draw and label what they think the ideal meal is.
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I am so thankful for all of the gifts, treats, cards and kind words this week. The teacher luncheon on Thursday was so nice and thoughtful! Thank you for appreciating and supporting me and the staff at PRS. I absolutely LOVE this job and being with your kids. Having thoughtful and supportive parents is the cherry on top! :)


Items Needed and Greatly Appreciated

Thank you so much for sending items in for us!

-Hand Sanitizer (We are down to our last bottle)

-Paper grocery bags for market and end of the year clean up and clean out