Foreshadowing in Walk Two Moons

By:Alexandra Otani


Sharon Creech's novel Walk Two Moons focuses on a thirteen-year-old girl, Sal, who is plucked from her farmyard life to live in suburban Euclid, Ohio. Sal is now on a road trip with her gram and gramps to find her mother in Lewiston,Idaho. Along the way Sal tells the story of her friend Pheoebe , her disappearing mother and the lunatic.

Thesis Statement

Throughout the novel Walk Two Moons,Sharon Creech, uses foreshadowing to hint at events that will happen later in the story.

Sal's Mom Died in a Bus Accident

One of the things that Sharon Creech foreshadowed about is the fact that Sal's Mom died in a bus accident. Throughout the story it is stated that Sal is afraid of cars. "I prayed that we would not be in an accident(I was terrified of cars and buses)" (Creech 7) Later while driving down the winding road to Coeur d' Alene Sal thinks about the buses turning precariously on the road. Secondly Sal was only afraid of cars after her Mom left. "But when Momma left something happened to me. I became afraid of things that I had never been afraid of before" (Creech 178)"Every time I saw a bus, I watched it sway. I watched It's tires spin dangerously close to the roads edge. I watched it plunge on defying those curves." (Creech 227) The reason that Sal is so afraid of cars and buses is because her Mom died in a bus accident. Also Sal only became afraid of buses after her Mom left signifying that she knows how her mother died and is now afraid of the object(s) that caused her death. Furthermore it was most likely on a winging road as Sal especially watches the buses as thay turn on the sharp turns and almost fall off. All of this evidence that Sharon gave us points to the fact that Sals Mother died in a car accident.

Mike is Mrs.Winterbottom's Son

Another event that is foreshadowed is that Mike(the lunatic) is Mrs. Winterbottom's son. One event that points to the lunatic being the son is that Mrs.Winterbottom was more scared that Sal and Phoebe but for a different reason. "She did not seem capable of calling the police or Mr.Winterbottom at all. I think that she was more scared then we were."(Creech 119) Another clue that Sharon Creech dropped for us is that Mrs.Partridge thought that Phoebe had a brother. "'Oh, Phoebe, I think I met your brother' Phoebe said 'I don't have a brother.'" (Creech 193) The fact that Mrs. Winterbottom was so scared was because Mike(the lunatic) had just told her that he was her son. That was why Mike was walking down the street away from Phoebes house. Also Mrs.Partridge is normally right on the dot when it comes to telling what is going on around her. Like when she was able to tell that Phoebe was touching the sword in the living room. So the fact that she would think that Phoebe has a brother is very odd. The facts all line up to one point, that Phoebe has a brother and that broth is Mike.