9th January 2014

4HA Weekly News

Dear parents,

Happy New Year!

It is great to be back at school after a wonderful Christmas holiday. I hope you all had a restful break. Considering that they had just had three weeks out of school, the children were very focused and hardworking this week. I enjoyed hearing all about what they did over the break, and their good behavior and attitude to work got 2014 off to a promising start!

We are very happy to welcome Eric Hong, our new student in 4HA! Eric is already making friends in the class and had a successful first week at SFS.

Some pictures from this week...

Our Studies

Language Arts

This week, we looked at different types of sentences, including declarative, exclamatory, imperative, and interrogative sentences. Children identified and wrote examples of each. We also studied compound sentences and how to write them effectively. The children wrote stories based on unusual toys (this links with our new Social Studies unit) and demonstrated their ability to plan and structure writing to suit a purpose.

In reading, we continued with reading groups and focused on reading comprehension and finding information within a text.

Next week, we will learn about word types in more depth, and complete a variety of exercises to develop vocabulary and improve the quality of writing. In reading, we will focus on asking questions, and activities in the Daybook will support this.


In Math this week, we continued our unit about charts and graphs, and focused mainly on line graphs. The children can accurately interpret information on line graphs, and can draw conclusion from the information presented. We also did some work on basic skills this week, especially mental multiplication.

Next week, we will conclude our Math unit, by reviewing how and when different types of charts and graphs should be used, and completing an end of unit assessment. We will continue to refine basic skills, especially mental subtraction.

Social Studies

The children were very excited to begin our new Social Studies unit 'The Toy Company'. During this unit, the children will become part of a toy company and learn about the toy industry, the planning, development and manufacturing process, and they will design and make their own toys to present at our Toy Fair in February. Through these tasks, the children will be working in small groups, and will develop collaborative and leadership skills that they will be required to reflect upon. They will also have the opportunity to learn about marketing, by creating Google presentations, under the guidance of Sarah Carpenter, our Ed Tech specialist.

Map Test Scedule

Our MAP tests begin next week, and they will be carried out on the following days:

Reading: Thursday 16th January 10:30am

Language: Tuesday 21st January 8:20am

Math: Friday 24th January 10:30am

Please make sure the children get sufficient sleep the night before and a good breakfast on the morning of the tests to ensure their best performance!

Prince George Award

Well done to Taesung, who won the first Prince George Award of 2014! Taesung did especially well in Math this week. Good job Taesung!