Community and Rememberance

term 3

The importance of country place

Aborignal language

language is extremeiy importance to aborignal people language carry cuital knowledge so the loss of language means loss of cultre,of aborignal people comection to their ancestors.The importants thing about langage and what it means is that langage contains the essence of our ancetors evey wold comes from place indenifies people and link to the land, country the dreaming thay are all inherent in langage, therefore it means the people , the land evry thing,"yolnge elder laurieblymarrwangga

loss of cultre means loss of langage means of your spirie of there ansesters past if somebody said to you your not allowd to speak your langage lany more how whod you feel you loss your dreams you whood be a nobody some one with no back round no nothing land is part of there culter to

use the interactive map to locate the idenify the local language grops. tharawal

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The Aboriginal name of shellharbour has been recorded as both yerrowah (meet place)

and wowwin (place where there were big fish ) .The Eurpoen named shellharbour refers

to larg quanities of shell in aborginal middlens along the forshore in the early to the mid 19 century .Due to the mining of shell in the mid 19 century for the prodaction of lime vast middens no longer remain.