Berlin Wall

The canvas for graffiti

What is the Berlin Wall ? The overview.

It is a wall that separates East Germans from West Germans. It is now wrecked and some pieces have been saved. However the wall is still remembered !
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The wall was up but it is now gone.


It is difficult to compare the wall because It has been torn down. Only pieces of the legacy of the wall are left. Because of the wall coming down some are on display at museums, and art galleries. You may have to search because they have been sold and moved around the world. One similarity is there is graffiti still on the wall.
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The wall is gone yet it is remembered. The wall is much smaller now, yet it is remembered big. There are no sink holes,guard dogs or guards at all. It is now a place of interest yet it is remembered as a place to stay away from. The wall is remembered and will be for a while.

Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

Who: the East Germans built the wall

What: A wall that separates East and West Germans/ Germany

Where: the wall was in Berlin Germany

When:it was up in the1960s

Why: to end fascism was the reason to build the wall.

How: the way it was created was cement and volunteers and workers.

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The Berlin Wall-1989-20 years ago