Woolly Mammoth Obituary

Willy the Mammuthus Primigenius

Willy the Woolly Mammoth

Our cherished, beautiful, young Willy the Woolly Mammoth passed away with the rest of his species. This amazing animal visited North America, Europe, Northern Africa, Asia, and the Arctic Tundra. He had passed away because of severe climate change, and humans ~4,000 years ago. He had lived during the pleistocene era. He wasn't very unique as he, and the rest, had fourteen foot long tusks, small ears, and and about two inches of insulating fat tissue.

Willy the Woolly Mammoth (continued)

This 14,000 pound thirteen foot tall beast loved to eat grass and was the leader of his herd. He would do anything to protect his family. He will forever be in our hearts.

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