Pollution of Niger Delta

By: Grace Brown, Eric Thompson, Jarrett Greenwood


There was a huge oil spill in the Niger Delta polluting all water and affecting the fishing industry in Nigeria as well as trade ways in the river.

Historical Signifiicance

The history of oil exploration dates back to 1907. Companies fought for the land until 1956 and production oil didn't start until 1957.


Economics: The industry of fishing, trade, and shipping are all things now faulted because of pollution which affects the countries resources.

Social: Trade and shipping are a big part of the delta. Commercial shipping takes place on about 80% of the river. Less clean water, food, and trade will affect lifestyles of Nigerians.

Environmental: Nigeria is home to one of the largest wetlands and maintains the third-largest drainage basin in Africa. Many ecosystems, animals, and vegetation thrive there and now are destroyed. It takes years and years to clean up and rebuild the ecosystems.


1) How did the oil pollution affect Nigeria?

2) What date did the production of oil start in Nigeria?

3) What percentage does commercial trade take on the River?