Grow Light & Heating Mat


Save Money By Starting Your Seedlings at Home!

In the process of doing my Master Gardener class (which was terrific), I spent time propagating my vegetables and herbs from seeds using a quality grow light and heating mat from Johnny's Select Seeds. Since I'm moving from my house in the country in Pennsylvania to a townhouse in the city in Virginia, I need to pass this wonderful resource along to another enthusiastic gardener!

The grow light is entirely adjustable and measures 31" high (you can lower it to right above your seedlings) and 46" long with terrific coverage. The heating mat is 21 1/2" wide and 48" long and I'm throwing in a timer for the grow light as well. I purchased this set new three years ago for almost $200, but I need to clear out my basement and want to price this to move. This is a workhorse combination that's bound to help anyone save money or customize their garden.
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For sale now for only $35.

Condition issues

Aside from being a bit dusty/dirty (and I've wiped down everything), these items are in fabulous condition. Take advantage!

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