True Love Never Runs Smooth

Helena's Mixtape

Love has its ups and downs but true love never fails

In A Midsummer Night's Dream, Shakespeare is trying to convey and express one theme: Love is not simple but true love never fails. He represents this theme very well through the character, Helena. Through out this play, Helena loved Demetrius dearly and wouldn't stop at anything to get Demetrius to love her back. At first, Demetrius hated Helena and told her that she would never be apart of his life again. But at the end of the play, Demetrius got back together with Helena and that expresses the last part of the theme: True love never fails.
Bruno Mars - Grenade [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Track #1: "Grenade" - Bruno Mars

Helena would listen to this song near the beginning of this play. When Demetrius left her to pursue Hermia, she was torn and the song "Grenade" expresses how she felt. She'd sacrifice anything for Demetrius no matter what the cost but Demetrius knew that he wouldn't do anything for her. To add onto this song, Hermia was one of Helena's closest friends, to see Demetrius run off with her best friend would be heart breaking. It seemed that the more hate Demetrius gave, the more love he received from Helena. Helena would especially listen to the chorus:

Oh I would go through all this pain

Take a bullet straight through my brain

Yes, I would die for you, baby

But you won't do the same

I strongly believe that after how much effort and time Helena spent on loving Demetrius, Helena has found her true love. Demetrius may not admit it his love for Helena at first but if it were true, it would never ever fail.

We The Kings - Sad Song (Lyric Video) ft. Elena Coats

Track #2: "Sad Song" - We The Kings

The song, "Sad Song" would express Helena perfectly because of how she feels about Demetrius. She would want to sing this song to Demetrius because it expresses a lot of deep, sad, and love emotions. She loves him truly and is many things like: half of a whole, and torn like a sail in a storm without Demetrius. Some parts of this song tells a story of when Demetrius loved Helena back at the beginning but it transitions very well into how Demetrius started loving Hermia and how Helena coped with it.
Only One (Lyric Video) - Mikey Wax

Track #3: "Only One" - Mikey Wax

Helena would listen to this song when she feels rejected. She would direct this song's emotion towards Demetrius.

And I don't really know what I could say to you

That I haven't said before

Just open up your heart a little more

This is how she would feel when Demetrius told Helena that he hated her and that she just needs one chance to prove herself worthy of Demetrius' love. The hardships of this love is that at first, Demetrius rejected any sympathy and love towards Helena but, in the end, Helena's grit to stick to Demetrius proved too much.

Adele - Someone Like You

Track #4: "Someone Like You" - Adele

Sometimes, I felt like Helena wanted to give up her endless chase of Demetrius. She would direct this song towards Demetrius, who utterly hated her. This song suggests someone who gives up on a person who they truly loved.

Never mind, I'll find someone like you

I wish nothing but the best for you, too

Don't forget me, I beg, I remember you said

Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead

Paradise Fears - 'Battle Scars' Lyrics

Track #5: "Battle Scars" - Paradise Fears

Every mix tape needs an inspirational to get the person in high hopes. Helena would listen this song when all she wanted to do was give up on Demetrius and stop trying so hard. "Battle Scars" is a perfect song that explains life in depth. I think she would direct this towards many people including Demetrius and her close friend, Hermia. After Helena listens to this song, I think that she would have higher hope in pursuing Demetrius but, in the end, all her effort wasn't for nothing.
Tony Anderson - Eyes Wide Open

Track #6: "Eyes Wide Open" - Tony Anderson

This instrumental, "Eyes Wide Open" is a perfect song for Helena. The feel and serenity of this piece really expresses a very positive outlook on life. Helena would listen to this so she could calm down after maybe getting frustrated of Demetrius. I think this piece would allow her to dream as big as she wants and to only love Demetrius more. This would give her the inspiration she needs to keep on loving Demetrius every day.
Colbie Caillat - Try

Track #7: "Try" - Colbie Caillat

Helena would listen to this song later in her mix tape. When she really wants Demetrius to love her, maybe she doesn't have to "try so hard". This song could give her hope that she could find true love someplace other then Demetrius. If it was true love, she didn't have to try so hard to get Demetrius to love her.
You Lift Me Up (Official Lyric Video) - Mikey Wax

Track #8: "You Lift Me Up" - Mikey Wax

When Demetrius and Helena get back together at the end of the play, she would listen to this song to finale her mix tape. She would definitely listen to this song because of the emotion the lyrics convey:

You lift me up, before I fall to far

You lift me up, you help me see the stars

You pick me up, when all my hope is gone

Through hard times, true love never fails. I feel like there was always some "love" behind every "I hate you". But Helena's determination paid off in the end and they both were back together at the end.