Research Work Accident

  • All Work Accidents and Incidents should be investigated by the employer to establish mechanisms for prevention and corrective and preventive actions to prevent similar events.

  • Only for serious or fatal accidents, the employer must submit the research, the analysis of causality and the brackets to the insurance company within fifteen days following the occurrence of the event.

  • The Employer shall conduct the investigation and fill in the respective format from the insurance company or ARL.

  • The team have to be comprised of the immediate boss or supervisor, a representative of COPASO and an occupational health manager.

  • The report must contain a detailed description of the type of injury, complete and detailed facts and the version of witnesses.

Preventing Accidents:

  • You must create a safe environment through a program; in which officers, employees and company representatives are involved.
  • The organization should seek advice from experts in occupational health and safety.

  • The company staff should be trained to do the job assigned.
  • Ongoing maintenance should be given to the machinery, equipment or tools that are handled daily.

  • It is an obligation demarcate areas which may be high risk and indicate whether to use protection and safety elements to enter.