Hot Hand

By Mike Lupica


In this book Billy's parents are divorced. This makes it very hard for Billy and Ben. Billy loves playing basketball all he likes to do is shoot, but his dad is his coach and wants him to be a better team player. Ben likes the piano as much as Billy likes basketball. Then one day Ben gets made fun of at school, and Billy try's to stick up for him and gets suspended from school. So Billy doesn't get to play in his next game. But Billy's basketball team keeps winning and makes it to the championship game. But also Ben has his piano recital on that day.

If you want to find out what happens on the championship game day read Hot Hand.


Billy is the protagonist in this book. He is the protagonist because he is the main character and he is the one who is trying to figure everything out. With both his parents.
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The antagonist is the mom and dad. They are the antagonist because they are causing all the problems for Billy and Ben. The mom is is always traveling and the dad is always hard on billy for not being a team player.
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