The Peasants Revolt

By Olivia Lopez


Imagine you work in a factory with 100 people, after the plague hits 97 people died, you and the other two would want more money to work, right? The peasants revolt was one of the largest uprising in history. The peasants revolt was a short rebellion with a long impression.

What was it?

The peasants revolt was a rebellion led by the peasants of Europe,more specifically Britain. This revolt was triggered by many different factors. These include taxes, land, power, king, priest, lawyers, jobs, and social status. The peasants revolt claimed many lives. It also shaped early Europe.

John Ball

LJohn ball was a fiery priest who began rebelling the government in early 1381. He was the one to popularize the phrase " While Adam delved and Eve span, who then was the gentleman?" Its meaning is "who is better if everyone works?". He began rebelling by holding sermons and speaking out against the king. He showed people how to use their voices.
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What were the yeomen?

The yeomen or middle class presence where one of the many affected. They exploited the King and Lordships. They took quick action to get what they wanted. They began rallies and parades. They attempted to cut themselves from the King's power.

What did they want?

The peasants wanted to get a raise because black death has caused so many to die. They wanted more money to fill a Deadman shoes. The lordship and officials passed a law that made sure the peasants didn't get more money. The law maybe peasants very angry. They decided to teach the officials a lesson.

How where they going to get it?

In an attempt to get revenge, the peasants went on a giant murderous free around here app. They killed all the lawyers and unsupportive priest. They became violent in order to get what they deserved. They thought killing was the answer. On this parade they met Wat Tyler

Wat tyler

What Tyler was a natural born leader. He led the hazards to the king. He negotiated with the king. The king gave Tyler and the Presidents what they did there. All the what was the peasants were not content. They continue to kill, leading the King to become violent. The King stabbed to death.
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The king

The young king had made very poor decisions, but killing Tyler was among the smartest. The King, under the impression of his advisers had denied the peasants. Now even an inexperienced king knew that was wrong. Luckily, killing Tyler had been exactly what made the peasants give up. The king and the government where happy the killing spree was over. The king no longer underestimated the lower class.
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The simple fight for justice was over, but it would be remembered forever.