New Moon

Stephanie Meyer

Flyer Created by: Rachel Leesman

What's it all About?

Bella goes to Edwards house for her 19th birthday party, but it does not go as planned. While Bella was opening a present, she gets a paper cut, which means blood. Blood and vampires does not go well together. Since that happened, Edward thought it would be better for the both of them if him and his family moved away. That meant Edward had to break up with Bella. She also finds out that her other best friend, Jacob, is a monster as well. Not a vampire though. Will Edward come back for Bella? Read to find out... "I can not be without you, but I will destroy your soul...¨- Edward Cullen, p. 518


The theme of New Moon is love. Its a struggle for Bella because she loves Edward, but since he broke up with her she has to find a way to get over him. And soon enough she starts falling for Jacob Black. ¨Do not expect positive changes in your life when you surround yourself with with negative people.¨- Author Unknown

Who Should You Know?

Conflict: Man vs. Man

Jacob and Edward literally fight over Bella, and they have been ever since she moved to Forks. Also the bad vampires are trying to kill Bella, while Edward and his family are trying to save her.


New Moon takes place in Forks, Washington at Bella´s house and in the woods. Later on in the book they go to Volterra, Italy for a short period.
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