July Newsletter

Team Purse~onality

Look Who's Partying! WooHoo!!

Congratulations on your Monthly Personal Volume!!

Tia Dee ~ $227

Janine Emerick ~$3,153

Cindy Heim ~ $615

Julie Kritikos ~$712

Becky Rudolph ~ $230

Krystal Schrum ~$0


Total Number of Parties

Tia Dee ~ 1 Party

Janine Emerick ~ 5 Parties

Cindy Heim ~ 1 Parties

Julie Kritikos ~ 1 Parties

Becky Rudolph ~ 1 Party

Krystal Schrum ~ 0 Parties


Congratulations to these Startswell Earners!

Janine Emerick~ Startswell #2

$1,000 + Party Club

Janinie Emerick ~ Congratulations on your $1,235 Party!!

Welcome to the Team!!

No new consultants in July but I am hoping that we can all add a new recruit to this really awesome company!! Because it really is more than just selling bags!!

Team Purse~onality Stats

Personal PV ~$1,021.00

# Parties ~ 3 Parties

G0 Team Sales ~ $5,958

G0 Team Parties ~ 12 Parties

# in G0 ~ 6

As a consultant I made $255.25 , but because I chose Leadership my paycheck was $433.99. This is NOT to impress you, but to impress upon you the BENEFITS of Leadership!!

More Benefits of Leadership

~Sense of Accomplishment

~Personal Growth

~Opportunities to earn extra income & bonuses

~Part of the companies Elite Group

~Opportunity to attend special leader events; leadership retreats, director day at conference, leaders banquet at conference, leadership incentive trip

~Received information before the rest of the field

~Opportunity to help others be successful

~Plus, many more

Work smarter not harder, Offer the opportunity to everyone!

Check out the Career Path on thirtyonetoday.com (tot)


Future Dates ~ Mark your Calendars


1 Fall is live on ThirtyOneToday.com

1 Fall Startswell program begins

1 Earn Ready, Set, Seel now through August 15

1 Purchase Fall Business Supplies

1 Purchase you Fall Add-On Kit now through August 15

11 C & C meeting will be held at Seneca United Methodist Church at 6 p.m.

16 Fall Enrollment Kit goes live

19 Check your in boxes for September Inspire

20 Listen to Cindy at 9 p.m. EST to learn tips that will help you earn more money in September


1 Our Fall Catalog debuts today. Celebrate with a Catalog launch party!

1 Home Office closed for Labor Day.

2 New ThirtyOneToday.com (TOT) is live!

16 Check your email inbox for October Inspire.

21-28 Time to hit the beach – it’s our Leadership Incentive Trip!

30 Last chance to recruit! The Fall for Us Opportunity Incentive ends today

~~Also, please look under Key Dates on TOT! There are going to be number emails sent out to our customers in September.

Business Tips

~Check TOT daily (thirtyonetoday.com)

~Monthly Specials

~How to Market "month" tab (fliers, lins, pics)

~This business is growing FAST! This is the best way to know what's going on

~Check on the Team Purse~onlity page and/or Team Holcomb FB page daily

~Subscribe to the monthly auto-ship for your monthly fliers

~New Consultants ~ you can keep track of your startswell by using the tracker found in your virtual office (mythirtyone.com/_____ under the incentives tab)

A Note from your Director

Wow!!! That is all I can say to describe National Conference!! I know that Cindy and I had an awesome time and I would love to have all of you join us next year!! We learned so much, heard awesome speakers and talked with new friends!! Mark your calendars now~~National Conference is in Columbus, OH again the week of July 26th!