Restart Jackson Newsletter No. 4

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Reminders and odds and ends

The school year started at Jackson Local Schools on August 20 and it was an unqualified success. For the first time in five months — the longest in-person learning gap in our school's history — we had students in front of teachers, in our hallways, cafeterias, and gymnasiums. It was tremendously uplifting to see our students interacting (socially distanced) with one another. It was particularly reassuring to see so many of our students walking in our hallways and learning in our classrooms with facial coverings. Our students are leading by example for the rest of Stark County to follow.

Here are a few reminders we all need to keep in mind:

  • Student ID badges MUST be worn every day above the waist;
  • Students should charge Chromebooks overnight;
  • Parents should assess their child(ren)'s health each day and take temperatures before they leave for school. Anyone with a temperature above 100.4F without medication should remain home;
  • Parents we continue to ask for your patience and understanding during student drop-off and pick-up at Jackson Memorial Middle School. There are more families dropping off and picking up than most years;
  • Facial coverings MUST be worn on school-provided transportation. Anyone refusing will not be able to use school-provided transportation;
  • Finally, let's all remember we are doing something no generation has done in our history: opening schools in person and online for all of our families in a pandemic. There will be growing pains, but we will navigate this together.

Here's the slideshow from our First Day picture you sent us

Jackson Local Schools First Day 2020 #JLSDFirstDay2020

Tickets for parents of student-athletes, band members and cheerleaders

Due to restrictions by the Ohio Department of Health placed on the number of spectators allowed at high school athletic competitions, the Jackson Local School District will sell tickets to events to only parents of student-athletes of each sport, cheerleaders, and band members, who are playing and performing during a contest. We understand many Jackson Polar Bear fans will be disappointed and we are making provisions to live stream as many contests as possible.

The reality of game nights during football season means there only are 1,050 seats available and 200 of those first are offered to the visiting team. That leaves 850 tickets for a pool of parents consisting of about 400 student-athletes, band members, and cheerleaders.

For varsity football games, all tickets are $7 and ONLY presale. Presale hours are Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. at Door No. 1 and Tuesday 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Parents are encouraged to send money with their child to school to buy during the school day to keep pedestrian traffic into Jackson High School at a minimum. Anyone buying tickets must be wearing a facial covering.

During games at Robert Fife Stadium, fans will be required to sit between pairs of seats taped off with blue tape. No one is permitted to sit on seats with yellow caution tape. Your cooperation is appreciated as we all do our parts to make sure student-athletes, band members, and cheerleaders have a season this fall.

For boys and girls soccer games at Neitzelt Stadium, tickets are sold only before the game at the gate. Parents of junior varsity players MUST leave the stadium after the junior varsity game, and not arrive until 30 minutes before the start of the game. Parents of varsity players will not enter the stadium until parents/spectators from the junior varsity game have exited the stadium. Varsity parents shall wait in their vehicles for the stadium to clear. There will be no congregating outside the entrance to the stadium. The seating capacity for soccer games is set at 120.

For volleyball contests at Jackson High School tickets are $6 and sold at the gate. Two tickets maximum per player.

Details for cross country continue to be worked out and will be made available to families of cross country runners as soon as they are finalized.

We encourage parents to visit our webpage to become familiar with the plans, including what to do in the event of inclement weather outside. This information is available here.

Hunter Geissinger touchdown pass to John Kulich
Familiarize yourself with our new stadium procedures

There are new operating procedures in place for athletic events at Jackson High School and Jackson Memorial Middle School. As more plans are developed, they will be located here as well.

School picture day schedule coming

We continue to work with professional photographers at Lifetouch to schedule school picture days for our students. It is important to know we are working on a schedule that will accommodate our in-person learners with traditional individual pictures and our eLearning 2.0 and Digital Academy students. There will NOT be a traditional class picture due to social distance concerns, however, there will be a composite class photo. Parents, please pay attention to your email inbox for additional information in the coming days.

Jackson Memorial Middle School yearbooks, student IDs for eLearners and Spirit Week

Those who selected Option 2 eLearning 2.0 POLARIS, can pick up yearbooks and student ID badges on August 26 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Door 5W.
Big picture


Read about some of the great things happening in Jackson Local School, and our stellar athletic programs. Click on the download link below.

Why is social distance important in school? Here's one of our JHS senior leaders to explain

Jackson High School Senior Class Officer Gigi Knauf explains social distance

New Help Desk for parents, students

The Jackson Local School has streamlined and improved its help desk for issues with Chromebooks, eLearning POLARIS 2.0, and other technology issues you might have this school year. This will require a quick, one-time registration by parents to submit a help desk ticket. This Help Desk is for options 2 and 3 learners ONLY.

The Help Desk can be found by clicking here. For future reference, the Help Desk can be found by the Parents section of the district's website, and and going to POLARIS/eLearning. Click on the link under the eLearning/Help Desk area.

Once you are on the Help Desk site, go to "Open a New Ticket." The first time you are there, you will have to create an account. An authentication email will be sent to you. Click on the link in the email and you can file your first help desk ticket.

Bus information

Parents and students can access bus routing information through the district's eLink page, which can be found here. That has the most up-to-date routing information. Parents also are encouraged to utilize the "MyStop" app for monitoring their child(ren)'s bus route and to receive push notifications.

We ask for everyone's patience during the first few days of school as we all familiarize ourselves with the start of a new school year and routes.

Visit the FAQ page

Here are the most commonly asked questions we have answered from parents about the Restart Jackson plan for this school year.

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Thank you

On behalf of the Jackson Local School District family, we hope that you and your families have a safe, restful, and healthy rest of the summer as we prepare to Restart Jackson. Thank you for your support of the Jackson Local School District. We look forward to seeing all of our students, either in person or online, for the first day of school August 20.

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