Kristin's Poems



Forget it.

You must be kidding!

My dog ate my brain, so I can't think.

To many flying cows.

It will zip me , if i try.

The zombies took the poem book.

It’s too much excruciating pain to write.

The aliens ate my hands.

Minions hunted me down, because I was writing a poem!

The zombie were looking for me

Clowns get depressed when I write it

My hand is a zombie, so I can’t write.

Times up? Uh Oh!

All I have is this dumb list of excuses.

You like it? Really? No kidding?

Thanks a lot! Would you like to see another?

Softball Poem

Bottom of ninth.

Down one.

Runner on first.

Full count.

Two outs.

The pitch.

Driven deep.

Over the outfielders.

Deep into the stand.


Autumn Poem

Sports are autumn

Play with leaves

Outside is warm

Raining out

Tinder tree

Spring weather

Found Poem

Dallas leaned

To the windows

He’s eyes on birds

Sun through clouds

Spotlight on birds

Basketball Poem

Basketball is a sport
It's life
Work hard
Play hard