Giving out Personal Info Online

How much is too much, if any at all?

Personal Information Online

Do any of us even realize just how much information we give out on the internet? Surprisingly, quite a bit, and we don’t even realize it. People will see on the news that something bad happened to a young girl, only to find out that she had put her personal information on a popular website, unprotected. Or that somebody is getting a prank phone call in the middle of the night because, they posted their phone number. Teens and young people are the ones most oblivious to this. The internet is global, just like business. That means anybody, virtually anywhere can see your personal information. But, how much information is too much, if any at all? We all should know, not to give away your local phone number, or say you are leaving for the night because you could come home to an empty house... no joke. If you want to post where you went wait until you are home, then post it. Hackers can reach you too. They don’t have to use the same computer, they can reach your computer and all of the information on it (bank accounts, or credit cards) from their own computer.

Personal Information Online: My Opinion

I think that because technology keeps increasing every day that they hackers could become more strong and more able to hack into your accounts. Although, when we advance our technology we should also protect the protective systems as well so we can block the hackers and keep our information safe at the same time of creating new advanced devices. Not only should the technology worry about your information, you should too! You need to know what is good and what isn't good to be posting on websites about yourself. You should be able to use your common sense to know whether or not to post your address or phone number or where you are going that night. You need to be smart enough, because thinking that through just may save you and your life.