by: me

what i hope to accomplish during highschool

finish high school.

what i see myself doing after high school

either going to collage or interning.

my life when i'm 20


3 things to improve my health

work out more...(that's all i can think of)

at home i like...

to play video games, or watch netflix

at school i like to...

leave (or see friends)

people i hang out with

my friends

i am good at...

wasting time, procrastinating, eating, & doing my work.

i would like to change...

maybe slightly less tired

something i would like to try...

good food.
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positive & negatives on health

p: keeping fit, knowing whats in your food, trying to be healthy, getting enough sleep, & being active (in all ways of health triangle)

n: sitting around, not doing anything, eating unhealthily, & not sleeping.