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October 19, 2017

Important Dates

  • Week of October 24th - 28th - Red Ribbon Week
  • Tuesday, October 25th - Color Run!!
  • Thursday, October 27th - Reflections Due
  • Friday, October 28th - Red Ribbon Rally @ 7:00 AM
  • Monday, October 31st - Pumpkin Math
  • Friday, November 11th - Veternan's Day Flag Raising Ceremony (info below)
  • Friday, November 18th - Pioneer Day (More Info Below)
  • November 23rd-27th - Thanksgiving Break
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Author Visit

The author visit was a great success! Below is a link where you can view a few photos that were taken during the visit.

P.S. In case you get the question - Yes, book orders can still go ahead until Friday and yes, Nancy Churnin will sign the books! She will also personally collect & deliver any & all artwork, letters, etc that students feel compelled to send to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Pioneer Day

Pioneer Day is just around the corner on Friday, November 18th. This is a big event with lots of fun activities. Our 1st Graders will be participating in a variety of crafts including necklace & toy making, fabric dyeing, quill writing, butter churning, and soap making. Each craft will be set up in a classroom and the children will rotate as groups through each activity throughout the day. More information about this day will be coming soon, so be on the lookout!

All volunteers must have background check clearance through PISD. If you haven’t already done so, please complete the application located at:

What We're Learning

Language Arts & Social Studies

In language arts, we've been working on spelling words with s and r consonant blends.. While reading, students have been identifying the main idea and details. In writer's workshop, we have been working on writing a personal narrative.

Next week, students will be focusing on spelling words with short u. We will also be discussing the difference between proper and common nouns. While reading, students will continue to focus on identifying the characters, setting and plot.

In social studies, students are learning about different landforms and bodies of water. Over the next couple of weeks, we will continue to focus on geography in relation to our neighborhood, city, and country.

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In math, we've been learning and using strategies to add and subtract efficiently. Next week, we will begin working with doubles, doubles +1, and doubles +1.


Next week begins a NEW unit over energy, force, and motion! Students will be learning about different types of energy (heat, light, and sound) and how we observe them in real world situations. We have a lot of engaging activities and experiments planned, so stay tuned!

Note from Mrs. Caplinger


We need your help! We have several pages of check outs each day. Going to the classrooms to get your child or calling over the classroom intercom causes many interruptions to the classrooms. The students are also missing a lot of instructional time leaving school early. Please schedule your appointments early enough to get the later appointments in the day. Leaving at 2:30 is still checking out early. It is imperative that all parents think about this and start scheduling appointments later in the afternoon and discontinue checking out students for the “convenient” purpose. Thank you for your help in this matter. I know we can work together for the benefits of all our students

PISD Automated Absence Calling System

Are you receiving telephone calls/emails regarding your child’s absence? It is an automated system that will call/email whenever your child is absent.

This automated call happens even if you:

  • contacted your child's teacher
  • sent in a written note
  • submitted a Student Absence Request
  • or called the Child Safe line

Volunteering Info

There are a lot of fun activities at school. Please be sure you

don’t miss out by not being a cleared volunteer. Go to

to complete the process. The District/school does not email you when you are

cleared. You must go back in to the volunteer website to check your status. It

will say “Your background check has been processed and you are/are not

eligible to volunteer.”


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Poetry Contest

The 46th Annual Collin County Poetry Contest is now accepting entries. Students are invited to enter. There is no fee. The contest is sponsored by McKinney’s Mockingbird Chapter of the Poetry Society of Texas. Details are attached.

Winners are chosen from each grade level. Entries must be postmarked by February 1, 2017. Student winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, and HM) will receive certificates at our award ceremony in April or May of 2017. Entry rules and other details are on our website at .

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