Tuesday Tech Tips

Tuesday, December 19

Sometimes we want to give our students access to a document but we don't want them altering the original. Sure they can File-->Make a Copy, but even that takes time, especially with the little ones. Here are two ways to alter your Google Doc URLs to make your life just a little bit easier when giving resources to students (or anyone)!

Force Copy

Forcing people to make a copy is fast and easy. When you look at the URL at the top of your Google Doc you'll see that it ends in /edit. (Slides & Sheets might have some letters or symbols after the edit, delete those as well.)
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All you have to do is delete the /edit and replace it with /copy. Now copy the whole URL and post your link! Anyone who clicks on it will be forced to make a copy.
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Force Copy with Preview

The one downfall to the above method is that the person making the copy cannot see what the document looks like before making a copy. Using this method, they will be able to see the document first.

To force a copy with a preview you still delete the /edit at the end of the URL for your Google Doc (and the letters/symbols as well in Slides or Sheets). This time add /template/preview to the end. A preview of the document will appear with a blue box in the top right corner that says "Use Template". They click on this box and it makes their copy!

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I hope these tips will help make your day to day life a little easier! Let me know if you have any questions or need help! Also, let me know if you want to be added to my Tuesday Tech Tips mailing list and receive these awesome tips directly in your inbox!

-Katie Heywood


Have a wonderful holiday season!!!

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