Perseverance:Reasons and Examples

By: Claire Baffes

A Breif History of Perseverance

Perseverance, by dictionary definition, means . Us, as humans, all face adversity at sometime, but only some of us end up persevering. Here are some examples of perseverance in dire (and not so dire) times.


Personal Reader(s)

In a lot of books in the current day and age, there have been some great examples of perseverance.

  • In the book The Unlikely Hero of Room 13b, Adam has to face his own disease (O.C.D) to save his mom. "She would die if he didn't touch the door. He was shaking uncontrollably. As he raised the hand that held the key, the world spun, whipping around faster and faster" (Toten, pg. 259)
  • In the book Feed, Violet has had to persevere through getting her feed late. "'I got my feed later... than some kids' She said evenly, 'You told me. So?' 'But the problem is, if you get the feed after you're fully formed, it doesn't fit as snugly. I mean, the feedware. It's more susceptible to breakdowns." (Anderson, pg. unknown )
  • In Camo Girl, Z and E are both bullied in a different way. E is very self-conscious, as shown here. " Twice now, I've covered the bathroom mirror with brown paper, but Grammy won't let me keep it up. ... Like I'm not good enough , or brave enough, to see the truth when it's in front of my face." (Magoon, pg. 21) E gets bullied in the normal manner. "... ,and Z's always there for me. he comes to school early because he gets the free breakfast they provide for the poor kids. Afterwards, he usually hovers by the corner of the building, trying not to be noticed by anyone big." (Magoon, pg.27)

Close reader

The close reader this unit is Trapped, a story about the 2012 Chilean mine collapse. In this dire time, the miners had to rely on each other to survive. "His concern were food and water, then waste. He had to figure out how to meet their most basic needs. But that also created a great opportunity - if the men are all working together, they would keep together." (Unknown, Pg. 26)
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Main Text

Winston Churchill was the prime minister of England in World War 2. During this time (October, 1941), when this text was presented, England was down on it's luck. They were losing the war, and spirits were down. Mr. Churchill went to Harrow School on October 29th, 1941, to present in the place he use to call home. He presented his famous 'Never give up' speech that day, and would be plastered into coaches rallies and inspirational speeches forevermore. The most notable quote is, "Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never- in nothing, great or small, large or petty- never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense." (speech, 8th paragraph)
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Credits & Sorces

Personal Reader(s)

  • The Unlikely Hero of Room 13b by Teresa Toten
  • Feed by M.T Anderson
  • Camo Girl By Kekla Magoon

Close Reader

  • Trapped by (author unknown)

Main Text

  • Winston Churchill's 'Never give up' speech & biography (Bio by Ron Kurtus)


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