Principal Connection

May 29, 2016


We have scheduled our end-of-year staff party for this Wednesday, June 1st, from 3:30-5:30pm at Opal Divine's Marina (MoPac/Parmer). Appetizers will be provided (purchased with courtesy funds) for all. It will be a fun time to get together and celebrate another great school year. We hope you will all be there!


FRIDAY PD: Thank you all for your hard work during our PD sessions on Friday! The SEL presentation gave us another tool for our SEL toolkit, and April is already working on getting the Peace Paths made for every classroom. The SXSWedu sharing gave us all plenty to think about as we look toward next year and think about innovative ways to engage students. Thanks so much to all of the presenters! As a result of the high level of participation and engagement in the Behavior Plan Design Challenge, many ideas were generated to address areas of concern. We'll look forward to gathering back in groups on Tuesday afternoon to report and process team feedback and update 'prototypes'. Links to both SMORE presentations can be found below if you'd like to reference anything discussed on Friday.

CLASSROOM WALK-THROUGHS: This Friday, Courtney and April will be conducting end of year classroom walkthroughs. In the walkthrough, they will visit with you in your classroom and make sure that your classroom is ready for the summer. They will also review the End of Year Checklist to ensure all tasks have been completed. These visits will not be scheduled, and will begin sometime after the staff breakfast.

DELL LAPTOP FIX- 3RD TIME'S THE CHARM: If you have not dropped off your laptop for the techs to check/fix, please bring it by the office conference room before school on Tuesday morning, and attach a post-it note with your name on it. The techs will be on campus at 8am to work on the remaining laptops. Just a reminder- you need to bring your laptop by even if there is nothing wrong with it. We'll deliver the laptops to you once the techs are finished with them, which should be no more than an hour.

LEADERSHIP TEAM PLANNING- TUESDAY, AUGUST 9: Team Facilitators- Kathy Provenzano, Sarah Frierson, Amy Wagner, Sarah Markos, Kerri Alexander, Joan Hampton, Liz Carrera, Nicole Garry, Ann Moon- will meet on Tuesday, August 9, for the annual leadership team planning meeting. This year, our meeting will look a little- actually, a lot- different. We'll meet downtown instead of at Davis, and that's only the beginning of how this meeting will be different. See below for a little more information about the day. The day promises to be productive AND fun and we'd like to invite ALL staff to be a part of it. Please consider joining us!

IKEA FIELD TRIP- MONDAY, JUNE 6: I've spoken to several teachers who are interested in going to IKEA to get ideas for classroom furniture. We have scheduled an IKEA 'field trip' for Monday, June 6, 10:30am-12:30pm. If you'd like to go, please email me to confirm, and include if you would like to meet at Davis and ride together or meet at IKEA. I realize that some of you are teaching Dolphin Camp at this time. If that's the case, and you'd like to go to IKEA sometime this summer, just let me know and we'll schedule another trip.

SUMMER BIRTHDAYS: Happy birthday to all staff who have summer birthdays!

  • JUNE: Beth Hall, 6/8; June Bennett, 6/11; Jane Donart, 6/17; Susie Nordyke, 6/17; Dessie Barron, 6/19; Lucas Schoppe, 6/20; Jenny Kent, 6/22; Misleydi Rivero, 6/24; Lisa Stamp, 6/26
  • JULY: Jihyoung Baek, 7/4; Lauren Meyer, 7/6; Nancy Schmidt, 7/10; Stacey Henson, 7/15; Aimee Edwards, 7/16; Karen Sanchez, 7/19; Sarah Markos, 7/25; Maja McElveen, 7/29; Harmony Richardson, 7/30
  • AUGUST: Nicole Crowe, 8/7



  • Memorial Day; Staff/Student Holiday


  • Crazy Hat & Hair Day
  • All teacher library materials due
  • 9:30-10:15am: Fun with Chemistry Program (3rd), Cafeteria
  • 9:30am-12pm: Anderson HS- Senior Service Day
  • 1:45-2:40pm: 5th grade Talent Show- School Performance, Cafeteria
  • 3:00-4:30pm: Faculty Meeting/Work Session- Finish Behavior Plan Design Challenge; Cum Folder Updates


  • TEMI Data Entry Deadline (K-2)
  • Crazy Sock Day
  • 8:00-9:30am: 5th Grade End of Year Celebration, Cafeteria
  • 3:30-5:30pm: Staff Party @ Opal Divine's Marina Restaurant
  • Happy Birthday Oslidia Cardenas!

  • Davis Spirit Day
  • Balcones Woods Pool Party (5th)
  • 2:30-2:40pm: 5th Grade Graduation Procession & HS Senior Procession


  • 7:45-8:45am: End of Year Staff Breakfast
  • Classroom walk-throughs
  • Happy Birthday Mariana Freites!


  • Happy Birthday Aida Hadzalic!


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Happy Summer!

6/6, 10:30am-12:30pm: IKEA field trip

8/9, 9am-3pm: Leadership Team Planning Day- All are invited to attend!

8/16, 7:30am-3:30pm: Staff first day back to school

8/18, 5-7pm: Ice Cream Social

8/22: First Day of School