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Happy 80th Birthday Gloria From All Of Us!

Voices of Our Future

Hello Ladies,

I have truly missed hearing your voices on a regular basis. I am checking on you and your progress.

I have blocked Monday, March 31 just for YOU! 8:30 am-9:30 PST and 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm PST on Skype. In addition to your questions, I will address the following

  • Booking guest
  • Accessing the technology
  • Transmitting your recordings
  • Growing your audience
  • I will also share exciting updates.

Next month we will discuss "Getting Paid as a Host." You will need to have consistency with content to reap maximum benefits from the guest on this topic, so please keep going. You will also meet other host on SGMN, approximately 30 other host :-)

Please respond so that I know you received this email. Thank you.

Goodnight/Good Morning.


Gael Sylvia

Repeat - VOF - Connect Via Skype

Monday, March 31st, 8:30-9:30am

This is an online event.

VOF - REMINDER - Connect Via Skype

Monday, March 31st, 3:30-4:30pm

This is an online event.

Connect Via Skype

How I Met Gloria

In 2010 during the welcome reception of new members to Women Moving Millions, Gloria and I talked about diversity and how the women's movement of the early 70's carried different messages for women of color. Her humor and understanding was fully realized when she heard my mother, via my cellphone, say "Black women didn't have money to burn bras. We were to busy trying to earn enough money to buy our daughters bras. We didn't have talks about cracking a glass ceiling, we were still fighting trying to get a seat in the same room." Gloria understood. She truly understood. She shared with me her own stories of friendship with diverse women of color and how their lives fueled her desire for justice. Her leadership in understanding the varied paths of all people is what I am most appreciative of. Thank you, Gloria. I am among the million who are so very glad that you were born. Happy birthday my new friend. May we share many more laughs and inspirational moments. May we also smile a knowing smile at one another each time we hear the stories of women via the WMC and SGMN.

Gael Sylvia

Sylvia Global Media Network, Founder

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“For most of human history, we’ve been sitting around campfires telling stories. This is how we teach, learn, empathize and discover both our uniqueness and our community. This is why our brains are organized by narrative and by image. This is how we see what we can be. This is how we understand what might be possible.

But if our story is not present in some form, we feel alone, wrong, even invisible. After all, we are communal animals, which is why isolation is the most severe punishment.

This is why there’s nothing more important than feeling seen and heard at the campfire – and the media are the current campfire.”

8 Ways to Change the Media! - From Gloria To You


Tell your own story

Help another person tell hers

Write or speak a shared reality that’s invisible

Critique or commend what’s already in the media

Organize to educate local journalists

Tweet comments on television/internet news

YouTube a positive action for change

Reward responsive journalists with story ideas and news breaks

Believe In Your Beauty - Speak Up!

Work is a Beautiful Thing: Meet Patrick

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