Thompson Friday Forecast

October 2, 2020

From the Principal...Steve Morrill

SAFETY DRILLS - October 1st and 2nd

The Thompson community took part in our fall safety days which included representatives from both our Fire and Police Departments. During safety days, students and staff “practice” their identified plans and behaviors in the event of crisis situations. Specifically, we take part in a fire drill, tornado drill, and a lock down drill. We executed all of these drills while following social distancing protocols. During every safety drill day, we are intentional about the words we use with students and the clarity with which we communicate. This year, because of the COVID virus, our focus with students regarding these drills was much more “verbal” than in years past, making our communication skills super important.

If you have a moment this weekend to have a conversation with your “in-person” middle schooler about the safety drills that took place, I encourage you to do so. By taking proactive measures to prepare for each of these emergency situations and by having follow up conversations at home, we help ensure that our Thompson students are as safe as possible at all times. We will continue to run safety drills periodically throughout the school year. If you have any questions about our safety procedures, please do not hesitate to call us at (331) 228-3100.

COLD WEATHER and going outside

During this fall, classes have been encouraged to use our outdoor spaces for instruction. We’ve done this for a couple of reasons. First, we have a fabulous middle school facility and we want to take advantage of these outdoor spaces to give students a break from wearing their masks for at least a few minutes while following social distancing guidelines. As cooler weather approaches, we would like students to prepare for their school day knowing that if the weather permits they may be outside for a class period or two, especially during Physical Education class. PE classes and others will be permitted to go outside if the temperature is above freezing and other outdoor conditions warrant it (wind, sun, etc.). Please make sure your middle schooler is dressing accordingly.

“Classroom” Visits at Thompson

Over the past few weeks, I have had the privilege of observing middle school learning and teaching. The various locations where the instruction is taking place is certainly diverse. I’ve been watching learning in classrooms, the courtyard, grassy areas, and through computer screens. During all of these observations, a theme is clear…students are craving new learning and teachers are using their outstanding instructional skills and dedication to help facilitate this process. These are certainly unique times in almost every aspect of our lives, yet I believe, a constant remains...the need for relationships. Relationships between parents and kids, middle schoolers and school, and students and teachers, whether virtual or in person. These relationships are one of the driving forces that will help us all through this pandemic. Thank you to the entire Thompson community for your continued advocacy for your children and your relentless support of their teachers and the entire Thunder family.

Enjoy your weekend!


Fall Non-Attendance Days for Students

October 8 and 9 - Parent Teacher Conferences

October 12 - Columbus Day

November 3 - Election Day - NEW THIS YEAR!

November 9 - Remote Learning Planning Day for Staff

November 23-27- Thanksgiving Break

Games Club

Games Club is starting next week! It is time to have some FUN! Please join us virtually on Wednesdays from 3:30 - 4:30 pm. Both TMS and WMS students are welcome. You will need to join our Google Classroom using the code aylcqan.

Please contact Mrs. Kelly if you have any questions!

Improv Club

Improv club for 'B 'students will meet after school this Monday, October 5th. 'A' students will meet next on Thursday, October 15th. Please email Mrs. Sebolt-Pogge if you have any questions!

Zoom Cheat Sheet for Conferences

As we prepare for Parent-Teacher Conferences, the District has created a Zoom Cheat Sheet to help make your experience go smoother. We strongly encourage you to read through the linked directions and download the FREE Zoom app ahead of time.

Zoom Cheat Sheet:

If you still want to sign up for conferences, directions are included further below in this Friday Forecast.

Author Visit

Today many 7th and 8th grade students participated in a virtual visit with best- selling author, Joelle Charbonneau. Ms. Charbonneau chatted with students about becoming a writer, her current book series, and answered student questions. Her two most recent books, Disclose and Verify, can be purchased through PushCoin. The author will personalize the book and they'll be delivered to your child's language arts teacher.

Thunder Students Shine!

Each month, in an effort to recognize our outstanding students, teachers recommend students who are following the Thunder Guidelines for Success (responsibility, perseverance, team work, respect, and kindness). Ninety in-person and remote students were nominated for the month of September. All nominated students were entered into a raffle to win a giftcard. Congratulations to the following winners!

6th Grade

John Gatto

Lorelai Colley

Finley Blask

Kayla Kleefisch

7th Grade

Rhys Decktor

Lauren Salter

Grayson Stanley

Olivia Mruk

Praful Saveen

8th grade

TJ Gleason

Jhoanna Feliciano

Alec Poss

Jase Harcar

Picture Retake Days

LifeTouch has returned pictures/proofs and students should be bringing these home this week. Full remote learners are welcome to stop by the Thompson main office between 7:30am - 4:00pm to pick up your pictures.

Picture retake days are scheduled for Wednesday, October 14th and Thursday, October 15th. Students that need to have their picture retaken will need to bring their proof package with them. Pictures will be taken in Room 253 during PE.

Full remote learners that need their pictures retaken are welcome to come to Thompson between 3:45 - 4:30pm on October 14th or October 15th. Enter through Door 5 off of the south parking lot and exit through Door 6. Staff will be assisting students. Please wear a mask and maintain social distancing.

If you have any questions, please call the Main Office (331) 228-3100.

i-Ready Fall Reports

The i-Ready Fall Diagnostic Reports for both Math and Reading are being mailed home to parents on Friday, October 2, 2020. You will find the following information included with the two diagnostic reports:

  • A letter from Mr. Dave Chiszar, Director of Assessment and Accountability, that explains the i-Ready diagnostic report and what is being included in the documents mailed home.

  • A “ How Do I Read the Diagnostic Reports?” document that will support you as you look at the data.

If your child has not taken the diagnostic, please email Michelle Dague at so that she can plan a time to get this done. Thank you all for your support as we navigated the completion of these two diagnostic assessments!

Middle School Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences

Middle school conferences are scheduled for Thursday, October 8th from 8:00 am - 8:00 pm and Friday, October 9th from 8:00 am - 12:00pm. Sign-up for conferences via the Pick-A-Time conference scheduler through October 6th. All conferences will be virtual this year via Zoom. Please see this Zoom Cheat Sheet for directions on accessing conferences.

Sign-up Directions:

  1. Login to your HAC Account

  2. Click on the link for ‘Parent-Teacher Conference Scheduler’ (Click here for directions)

  3. Only choose Q1 teachers

A few notes about sign-up:

  1. Most conferences will be 8 minutes long with an individual teacher.

  2. Parents should not feel obligated to sign-up for conferences. If your child is doing well at school, both academically and socially, then you might choose not to participate in conferences. If your child is struggling, we would suggest that you attend conferences!

  3. You might only feel the need to meet with one teacher or just a few teachers. There is no obligation to meet every teacher.

  4. If you wish to meet with the explore teachers, please sign-up to visit your child’s first quarter explore teacher(s).

  5. You can sign-up for a conference with a teacher only one time. Our student services team (counselors, social workers) will be available for conferences too.

  6. In some cases, a teacher may contact you in advance to set-up a conference time. That means we want to guarantee you a time to meet with your child’s teacher(s).

  7. We would like for you to have your Thunder student with you during conferences! It is important that they hear what you hear.

We are looking forward to our time collaborating together. If you have any questions, please call the Thompson main office at (331) 228-3100.

PTO Thompson Spiritwear

Order before October 11th! Orders will be delivered to Thompson by October 21st.

Big picture
Big picture
Big picture

Parenting The New Teen In The Age of Anxiety

Parent University was developed in response to the need for programming to address the social and emotional needs of students in District 303. Over the last decade, the district has strived to provide information on topics that are relevant, timely, and beneficial for all parents and guardians.

October 29, 2020
Parenting The New Teen In The Age of Anxiety
6:00-7:30 p.m.
Dr. John Duffy, a nationally recognized expert in parenting for nearly twenty-five years, wrote this book as a guide for parents raising children who are growing up too quickly and, as a result, dealing with unresolved adolescent issues that can lead to anxiety and depression. Please indicate your interest in getting a copy of the book and event by filling out this form.

PSAT Assessment

District 303 offers all students enrolled in 8th grade, 7th grade AVID, and Infinity to take the PSAT 8/9 in the fall. This PSAT is a part of the SAT series of assessments that help guide students through academic measures of college and career readiness ending with the SAT taken in their junior year. The SAT can be used with most colleges as a part of the admission process.

Your son/daughter will be participating in the PSAT test on either Wednesday, October 21st (A day) or Thursday, October 22nd (B day). Like any other day, attendance is important. If students arrive late to school, they will be held in the main office until the window for one of the tests has closed.

If you are a remote student, you were sent a separate email regarding testing and the location from the Department of Assessment and Accountability. Please review this document with more information.

Below are some helpful tips to help your child as they prepare for testing day:

  • Get a good night sleep

  • Eat a healthy breakfast

  • Be sure to charge your child’s chromebook overnight

If you have specific questions about the assessment please contact David Chiszar ( You can also find additional assessment information at

Thank you-

Mrs. Michelle Dague, Assistant Principal

Remote Academy Learning Resources

Welcome to remote learning! Remember that remote students have classes every day. Below are resources for our full remote learners:

You can check the attendance for any of your students at any time by logging into the Home Access Center and clicking on the attendance tab to view. Toggle between students using the arrow in the upper right hand corner.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call the main office at (331) 228-3100! We are here to help!

School Lunches for Remote Students

Students can continue to pick up lunches at Thompson on Mondays and Thursdays from 8:45 - 9:15am. If Monday or Thursday is a non-attendance day, the pick up will be available on the next attendance day.

Also, buses will be at two locations from 11:00 am until noon every Monday and Thursday (except holidays and no attendance days). The two locations are Saint Charles Place (pick up is Indiana and 15th street) and Cumberland Green Cooperative (pick up is by the office lot near court #1). At the current time all of these lunches, whether remote only, daily A/B, and A/B next day, are being fully subsidized.

D303 Instructional Tech for Families Website

Our district has created a wonderful resource for you to use if you want to learn more about the technology we use in D303. Check out the D303 Instructional Tech for Families website.

On this website, you can:

  • Learn more about Learning Platforms such as Google Classroom and Schoology

  • How to check assignments for completion in Home Access Center

  • See videos that show you how many of our digital tools work

  • Find ways to contact our IT department for technical support

Browse this site and then return as you or your child have questions. Bookmark this website for future use!

Thompson PTO

Check out the Thompson PTO website by clicking on the button above!

Dates to Remember

  • Tuesday, October 6 - Pick-a-Time Conference Scheduler Closes
  • Thursday, October 8 - Conferences from 8:00 am - 8:00 pm (No School for Students)
  • Friday, October 9 - Conferences from 8:00 am - 12:00 pm (No School for Students)
  • Monday, October 12 - Columbus Day Holiday
  • Wednesday, October 14 - Picture Retake Day
  • Thursday, October 15 - Rescheduled PTO Meeting - 9:00 - 10:00 am
  • Thursday, October 15 - Picture Retake Day
  • Wednesday, October 21 - PSAT for 8th Grade 'A' & 7th Grade AVID 'A' Students
  • Thursday, October 22 - PSAT for 8th Grade 'B' & 7th Grade AVID 'B' Students
  • Thursday, October 29 - Parent University "Parenting The New Teen In The Age of Anxiety"
  • Tuesday, November 3 - Election Day Holiday (No School for Students)
  • Monday, November 9 - Remote Learning Planning Day (No School for Students)
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