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#EagleUp 9/03/21


  • STAR, BLG, our deadline is Sept. 17th.
  • COVID students and students who were absent during testing, please make sure when these students return they make up any missed assessments.
  • Students who are out due to COVID, please have lessons, videos, and other work in Schoology for these students. Please make sure to keep documentation of communication for these students. Have a plan for Make-up work.
  • September 7th Progress Reports- Please have your grades entered before you leave 9/3/21. The front office has to print and have PR's ready for afternoon distribution. We can not wait on late entries.

Labor Day Holiday

September 6, 2021 – Labor Day Holiday. The School system closed.

HCS School Board Work Session Meeting

September 14, 2021 – Merts, 6:00 p.m.

HCS K -12 Focus Walls

HCS K -12 Focus Walls should include the following basic components.

  • Character Word of the Month
  • Standard - AL grade-level/subject standard
  • Essential question - Essential questions are designed to encourage further questioning about a particular subject. They're intended to spark a conversation about the subject rather than simply providing a factual answer to the question.
  • “I can” statements - One easy way to help students see their success is through "I can" statements. These statements are clear statements that identify each goal that is necessary in order to be successful. They are usually ordered from the beginning simple goal or skill to the ending complex goal or skill.
  • Bell Ringer - Bell ringers are warm-up activities that students complete at the beginning of class. This activity consists of a short question, problem, or task to engage students to guide and enhance student learning
  • Lesson Agenda/Schedule -
  • Before the lesson activities
  • During the lesson activities
  • After the lesson activities
  • Formative Assessment – conduct a formative assessment to monitor student learning and provide ongoing feedback to students. It is an assessment for learning to identify if additional instructional assistance is needed.

Seating Charts

Each classroom teacher is required to maintain a seating chart daily for each class.

(Homeroom) Period:

Please ensure your school has implemented the zero period. This time is allocated to meet the needs of all students. As a principal, you must monitor what data is being used to form groups, what curriculum is being used to teach standards? What progress monitoring tool is being used to measure progress (Lexa, Moby Max, Freckle)? Are groups fluid based on student mastery? How are you maintaining records for student mastery? We are using Lexia and MobyMax, we are using STAR and Lexia/MobyMax, and ACAP data to determine progress-monitoring /standards needing the next level of attention.

Tiered Instruction

Tiered instruction is a district requirement. All students are required to have tiered instruction regardless. This applies to on grade level, or below grade level students. The use of formative assessments is required as well and can serve as a guide in developing tiered instruction. These are non-negotiable

Data and PST Meetings

• Schools will conduct data/PST/RTI meetings twice per month

• Data Meeting 1: Review subgroup data from formative assessments, progress monitoring results, and tiered instruction for students attending classroom tiered instruction and zero period

• Content Focus: ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies

• Data Meeting 2: Review data from PST, PBIS, Attendance, Discipline, Clubs/organization enrollment rates and productivity, AP/Honors course enrollment, Partnerships, Special education and gifted referrals

School-Wide Progress Monitoring

Schools will develop a school-wide progress monitoring schedule for ELA and Math.

Schools are currently developing their yearly schedules.

Urgent Intervention and Intervention Students – Weekly

On Watch Students – Bi-weekly

At/Above Benchmark Students – Monthly

Common Progress Monitoring Tools

• STAR – Administered Quarterly

• LEXIA – Weekly, Bi-weekly, and Monthly

• Moby Max – Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly

Bailey Group

District leadership met with representatives from the Bailey Group. They informed us that you should have been contacted by your Bailey Group point of contact and will begin planning with you very soon. Please make this a priority and ensure your school’s action plan is fully implemented by all. The Bailey Group will be presenting to you at our September 14th District principal’s meeting. We have selected teachers who will meet with the Bailey Group. These teachers know the dates.

Safe Schools Requirement

Touching base with you to see if you have monitored this and informed those who have not completed this requirement. I will be asking you very soon to send me documentation that all certified staff in your buildings have completed the necessary training. The training that should have been completed include the following:

• ALICE Training

• Bloodborne Pathogens

• Bullying Recognition and Response

• Child Abuse: Mandatory Reporting

• HCS District SPED and Gate Training – 21-22

• McKinney Vento/Homeless 2020-21-Custom

• Youth Suicide: Awareness, Prevention, and Postvention

Team, I have reviewed the list of teachers who need to complete this training. If you are on the list or if you think you have not completed the training, please see me.

NAEP 2022

NAEP is scheduled to be administered in 2022 (January 24 – March 11). Districts and schools chosen to participate in NAEP 2022 will be notified this month. All schools that have 4th and 8th grades and teach the subjects of reading and mathematics will receive posters promoting NAEP. The posters will provide a quick visual for the teachers to see what percentage of content is covered on the NAEP. System Test Coordinators will receive these items at their meeting next week. The coordinators will take the posters back to their districts to share with the schools/teachers. Those that attend virtually will receive their posters in the coming days. To learn more about NAEP, NAEP scores and other information click on the following link: https://www.nationsreportcard.gov.

Challenger Middle School

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day is Friday, September 17.

Constitution Day and Citizenship Day is Friday, September 17. Students may observe this important day in our nation’s history by participating in learning activities. Click here to access the Constitution Day and Citizenship Day resource document. Click here to access the Constitution Day and Citizenship Day resource document

National Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15 through October 15. Click here to access the National Hispanic Heritage Month resource document which includes information, resources, and lesson plans.

STAR Reading and Math Assessment

The testing window will open on August 23 - September 17, 2021, please make sure you have all the necessary requirements in place. This information will provide us guidance in developing instruction and activities that are appropriate for all student subgroups.

Social and Emotional Well-Being of Students

Please keep an eye out for our students’ social and emotional well-being. Our students are adjusting to being back in the building on a regular schedule. Remind your teachers for the “look fors” in their classrooms. Please visit the counseling department’s area on SharePoint. There are forms, procedures, and resources the school can use and provide. Please reach out for support if you need assistance or guidance. Ms. Lindsey, Ms. Brown, and other counseling department members can help us if we need assistance as well.

Student Absent: (sick or COVID positive)

Please remember when students are absent due to COVID exclusions, the classroom teachers must record their lesson via zoom, provide daily assignments, and place in Schoology for student retrieval. Once the students returned to school, the classroom teachers should provide a quick check for understanding and provide tiered instruction if needed. This is non-negotiable.

School ACIPS

  • Each school must complete an ACIIP. ACIPs due October 15th

Alabama State Department of Education (Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative) Grant Application

  • If your school has a robotics team/program, please complete the grant application that is being offered by the Alabama State Department of Education (Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative). The grant application will be available July 1st. If awarded, your school will receive at least $1500 to use for your program/team. Please read the guidelines carefully as you complete the application. These funds are for the 2022 fiscal year. The deadline to complete and submit is September 30, 2021. Please CC your supervisor when you submit your application. I know many of you receive this award for this upcoming school year.
  • The link to the application and guidelines is listed below.


Schoology (2021-2022 School Year)

  • Schoology will still be used to post assignments, class newsletters, and other pertinent information by core teachers.

School and Teacher Webpages

Please review your school’s webpage and teachers’ webpages to ensure both are up to date. Create a plan to continuously update website

School and Classroom Newsletters

Please remember that your school must send a weekly newsletter to parents. Your teachers must send a weekly newsletter. Email or scan me a copy of your school’s weekly newsletter. Also, please maintain record for each grade level’s weekly newsletter.

HCS Badge

HCS employees should wear their official HCS badge every day. Please remind your faculty/staff.

Have a great holiday weekend!!!


  • Check the weekly duty schedule
  • Check attendance in HR and each class period in Powerschool
  • Post lesson plans/weekly newsletters in Schoology
  • Post two grades per week in INow
  • Update Grades weekly (2 or more summative assessments per 9wks)
  • Make sure to clock in each morning and approve your time weekly in Kronos
  • Document student/parent contact
  • Respond to parent emails or calls within 24hrs when possible
  • Positive Blooms, 1 or more per week
  • Bloom infractions (do not click "ODR", click "seek administrator support")
  • Continue to monitor social distancing


  • Sign-In on Kronos each morning.
  • Approve your time in Kronos each week.


Click here for Frontline

Try to put in for your sub as soon as you know you will be out.

Emergency Lesson Plans

Team, please make sure you have "emergency lesson plans" in your box and in your room in the event you have to be out unexpectedly. (family, personal, covid) This should include all class rosters, duties, and lesson plans. Also, please have a "buddy' you can call in to help with unexpected absences if needed. (hall buddy)

Lesson Plans / Newsletter

Please submit Lesson Plans and Weekly Classroom Newsletters via Schoology. Make sure to use the Critical Standards in your lesson plans and during SOAR planning.


Access Code


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Seating Charts

Please have a seating chart for every class. You can do it on paper or in Powerschool.

I realize we are still changing schedules and adding new students, but we need to get Nurse Poe an accurate list for tracing purposes.


Breakfast (Free for all students)

  • Bus riders- will get breakfast in the lunchroom
  • Car riders and walkers - if these students want breakfast, they must go to the lunchroom when they enter the building.


Take attendance in Powerschool every period. Send HR attendance to the main office.

Schedule Issues

This week Ms. Hall will work on balancing schedule where possible.

PED/Cell Phones - Cell phones should be turned off and stored in the student's backpack.

Please have this conversation with your students during HR.

  • 1st offense- verbal warning
  • 2nd offense - teacher takes the phone for the period
  • 3rd offense- teacher takes the phone and turns it into the office.


  • Bus- students will enter the cafeteria from the bus drop area and stay seated in their designated area until dismissed.

  • Car riders- will enter the front doors and walk to the gym. Students will remain in the gym in their designated area until dismissed.

  • Walkers- will enter the front doors and walk to the gym. Students will remain in the gym in their designated area until dismissed.


  • Students will remain in their 7th Period class until called for dismissal.

  • Car Riders will be dismissed at 3:00 pm

  • Walkers will be dismissed at 3:03 pm. Walkers must exit the building via the band and choir hallway.

  • Bus Riders will be dismissed at 3:05 pm in the order in which the buses arrive. Bus 144, 129 go to the Cafeteria, and Bus 2 to the gym hallway.



  • Record attendance in Powerschool (every period)

  • Blue folders (classroom rosters, parent notes)


  • Students should leave the room single file (social distancing)

  • Teachers will stand at their door to monitor the hall and classroom

  • Students should not go to the restroom during transitions.

  • Do not give hall passes in the first ten minutes or the last ten minutes of class.


  • Lunch 11:35-12:30 (place trash bags outside your door after lunch)

1st Floor and Mitchell, Haley,

  • 1st Lunch - 11:35 -11:55

  • SOAR -12:00-12:30

2nd Floor Classes

  • SOAR - 11:35 -12:05

  • 2nd Lunch - 12:10 - 12:30


  • Promoting Equity through a Positive Classroom (see attachment below)
  • Seating Charts for all Classes, Powerschool offers this feature if you would like to use it. Also, this would be great for substitute teachers.

  • Have your students clean up their area and straighten up the room at the end of each period.


Monthly Meeting Schedule (Wednesdays)

Click here for Powerschool Sign-Up Credit


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PLC/Leadership Team Meetings

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Master Schedule

Duty Schedules (Arrival, Dismissal, and Lunch)

All Bell Schedules

2021-2022 Calendar

Click Here for Your CMS Faculty Notebook

This is a work in progress!