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This semester I learned more things about photography than I even thought existed. Photojournalism taught me how to hold a camera and use it as an extension of my own eyes instead of as a tool. My favorite project was the photoshop project, it gave us a chance to see the possibilities of photoshop. After this course I feel like photography requires much more time and effort than just picking up a camera and snapping a picture. This core also taught me proper usage of a camera. My family always goes to me to take nice pictures for them because of this class. Lastly, photojournalism taught me that a semester in Mrs. Bradberry's class isn't enough time.

Law and Ethics

You cannot take pictures in a bathroom and then publish them. You can take pictures of a crying person, but not in a joking matter. You should always take a picture, but decide to publish it or not later.

Brandon Stanton (photojournalist)

Brandon started his blog, Humans of New York, in his free time. It was a huge hit, people loved seeing random people and hearing their story about how they came to New York and their life prior. Brandon wrote a book about his success and went on continuing his blog. Brandon works for himself and makes money from his blog and books.

Camera Operations

To turn it on just pull the switch looking thing on the top

To zoom in move the spiny thing on the outside of the camera button

To put batteries in open the hatch on the bottom and place the batteries in their correct places based on the polarization.

To put the SD card in keep the latch open and slide the SD card into the lined slot, with the brass pieces facing the same way as the screen of the camera.