Biology B Course Update


In This Issue ...

Please Check Your Grades!

All Grades have been updated as of the 2/25/16 Due Date. Late work is still being graded.

After each due date, I will send a course update newsletter (you're reading it now) to let you know I have put in 0s for missing work. When you see a 0, be sure to look in the gradebook to see when that assignment was due. Students have 3 school days (5 days total) to submit work.

It is the responsibility of the student to review their grades and notify me if there are any issues in a timely manner.

If you see this image in your gradebook - you are missing an assignment from 2/25.

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The GAVS late work policy looks like this...

Turn in all work, even if it is for a 30% deduction. It is always better to have a reduced percentage, compared to a ZERO. TURN IN WORK!
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Please Check the Files You Submit to the Dropbox for (1) Correct File Type and (2) Correct File

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Are You Using Your Class Notebook? You'll Find Assignment Hints and Bonus Points for Each Module in the Course!

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Spring Break 2016

GAVS does have a week long Spring Break (April 4-8).

You and your instructor are not expected to work during this time period, and there are no assignments on the schedule.

If your spring break falls during a different time period, please adjust your pacing so that you still meet GAVS' due dates. No extensions are provided for personal vacations or school holidays that do not align with our own.
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Student Code of Conduct

Remember that ALL student work is expected to be original.
This applies to students who are taking a course for the first time.
This applies to students who are retaking a course for a second time.
Work should be original EVERY semester.

* If you use ANY other sources, you must cite them. Failure to do so is plagiarism.
* Do not reuse work from a previous class or semester and submit as current work.
* Do not copy and paste from websites without proper MLA citations & works cited page.