John Olson


Camping became a pastime in the 19th century. For people to except the overcrowded life in the city. Camping was seeing in this time to be a good use go the newly formed national forests. Camping of some family’s has become a tradition to be passed down.


You go camping go have fun you can have fun in many different ways. Envy back yard game can be us will camping during the day. The night can be filled with endless card games and made up games to pass the time a way. Some back yard games that can go camping is ladder golf, washers, be bags.


People that camp usual do food over the fire in Dutch ovens, tripods, and sticks of a more traditional camping experience. There are many different foods that can be done in a Dutch oven like BBQ ribs, and cobble to list a few. tripods are usual used of hamburgers, bacon, corn on the cob. hot dogs, marshmallows are some of the more conman thing that you will see cooked on a stick.

tips of camping

There are many different tips of camping. Some campers sleep under the stars will others like to camp with a tent. Then other camper like to camp in luxury in campers or popups. Then sum like camping so much they decide to live in them all year long and move around with the seasons

places to camp

There are many different camp ground expenses. There are state and nasnal parks where you have to plan most of you day. Then there is camp grounds that have events plan all day long of you. Last there are the reteams parks where it is not really stressed of a family but more for the older generation.

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