Foundations 1-Literature Class

January 5, 2016-

New Year, New Lit Pack, New PROJECT!

Students received a new Lit Pack Tuesday. We will reading the autobiography of Helen Keller which is quite fascinating. Students were assigned an Autobiography Project. There is a Project Sheet in the back of the Lit Pack with nine different options. As we reviewed the various project choices, students began to decide which one they would like to do. Parents are invited to class on February 2nd to watch the presentations. It was a blast seeing the excitement this project generated. There were numerous incidents of students asking if they could do more than one! Your kids rock!

Annotate, Annotate, and Annotate Some More!

Now that we are in the second semester kids are really getting the swing of annotating. I know this is a point we are really focusing on, but if they can develop the habit now it will pay off in the future. I always love seeing the evolution that takes place in student notation- the move from just writing on the page to making personal and purposeful comments.

Encourage your child to keep it up! Many are already beginning to enjoy it!

***Parent Assignments!***

It Will ONLY Take 10 Minutes or LESS!

Graded Poetry Lit Packs were returned Tuesday. During the course of this packet, students spent a good amount of time looking at Poe's poem "The Bells." Below I am attaching pictures of examples of quality work received from this group of kiddos. I'd love you to look at your child's work, look at the examples provided and get an idea of where your child is. If you have any questions, ask! So....grab your child's Lit Pack and get to work!

Parent Assignment #1- Turn to Page 111 "The Bells"-Stanza IV

Students were not specifically directed to annotate the stanza; however, the strongest students are now automatically looking deeper and noting information in margins. Did your student annotate? If so, praise him. If not, encourage him to continue working on this skill.

Below is an example of a student who noted style techniques like Repetition and Alliteration, looked up a word they were unsure of, and noted personal comments such as "eerie", "raspy", and "afraid."

Big image

Parent Assignment #2- Turn to Page 113

First semester we really worked on reading carefully and following directions completely. We will continue to focus on those skills, as well as digging deeper.

Notice questions 4, 5 and 6 ask the student to not only find an instances of repetition, alliteration or assonance but to also think about WHY Poe chose to use each technique. At this point in the year, we would want to see students giving these questions good thought and learning how to articulate their answers. It is often not about a particular "right" answer- it is about putting on that thinking cap and using tools we are being equipped with.

Did your student give it their best shot? If so, YAY! Congratulate them on THINKING! If not, encourage them to come to you when they feel stuck so that you can think together!

Below are two samples of quality thought.

Big image
Big image

PS! I Big Hello to William Moore and his family out in Utah! William Face-Timed in to say "Hello" during class Tuesday!

Wendy Blankinship

Foundations 1-Literature Class

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