Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston

Farewell to Manzanar


  • Place of Birth: Inglewood, CA
  • Date of BIrth: September 26,1934
  • studied sociology and journalism
  • From family of 10, youngest
  • lived in southern, ca, was evacuated

How did this Author become inspired to write?

She decided to tell her story about the time she spent in Manzanar in Farewell, co authored by her husband in 1972. she wanted to tell people she had a rough life, that her life wasnt that easy.


She and her whole family were evacuated, when she was a little girl. They took her far away.

How sucessful was this Author during her lifetime ?

She first published her book in new york. Many kids now are reading her books in california and her books came popular here in california

Explain how and why they are still well known today?

They are well known for their fight in life and how she over come that tough life. Her most popular books were published in new york

Why is this author considered influential?

She is influential because she inlfuences kids to work hard in life, life is not that easy. People cant give up in life, if people work hard in this world everything will come out great.

Identify 5 characteristic of this author

  • She has a big family
  • she has 3 kids (a girl and twins)
  • she is well known for her books
  • she is a popular in california
  • shes the youngest of her family