Rules of Behavior

How to Win Friends and Influence People with Your Email

Do This...

Identify yourself - use a salutation and signature in friendly correspondence

Subject line: Give us a short description of the content

Respect privacy: Consider the wishes of the sender

Acknowledge and return messages promptly

Copy correspondence with caution

Be concise, to the point, brief

Use appropriate language and tone

Spell correctly!

Emoticons are okay in friendly correspondence

Use common abbreviations/acronyms (ex: LOL)

Don't Do This...

Be sarcastic: It doesn't translate well

Be inconsiderate: Don't forward information unless given permission

Copy everyone on every email: It just fills up precious space!

Don't spread spam! How many lucky email "pass it along to ten friends" emails can you really handle? ZERO.

Don't curse or use rude language: It's just tacky.

Don't overuse emotcon: It is not a substitute for words

DON'T TYPE IN ALL CAPS - no flaming; Don't give digital rants and yells.