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What's Happening in Room 10

In November ... Mentor Text by: Cynthia Rylant

Friday Finales from November 7

Folktales, Legends, Fables, Oh My!

Traditional literature titles and stories have taken over our classroom! We have been busy reading fables, legends, and folktales throughout literacy studies these 2 weeks! Students recognize literary elements - the characters, the setting, the problems of the characters, the solutions, and the main events. We analyze the words of the authors looking for messages, lessons, and morals in these wonderfully written works. To celebrate all this knowledge, students began creating book trailer on iMovie. We will have several to show in our next newsletter!

In addition, we wrote a class fable. Please take time to read it! It is posted as a digital story and on Kidblog. Please, feel free to comment at our blog!

The Making of a Fable

Making a Fable 1
Making a Fable 2
Making a Fable 3

Our Original Fable - Please Read!

Studying Pebbles, Sand, and SIlt

Veteran's Day Celebrations

Rock Study and iPad Skitch Project

Math Focus - Time, Money, and Patterns

A Mystery Reader Visits Thank you, Mrs. Eisch!!

We loved hearing the Thanksgiving tale, The Great Thanksgiving Escape!

Friday, November 21 - Pajama and Popcorn Day!

Marble Jar Cause for Celebration
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