Damions Day

The Brain Hemesphere

Color Lingo

During the Color Lingo test I found out that I am friendly, caring individuals who look for the meaning in life and situation. They rely on their emotional intelligence to guide them in decision-making and want to feel good about a choice as well as the people involved in it. Relationships are a priority so they have a tendency to consider people needs ahead of task completion. Intuitive and peace-loving, they make great mediators and foster unity in groups.

The Brain test

I took a brain test and found out I am left brained in the head wich is different than the right brain. I am more right brained then left brained.

My top 3 jobs

Guarenteed to have fun and make a suitable salary

My monthly Expenses

I will actualy have to pay 57,180.00 Dollars for my Annual Salary

Career Orientation

In Career Orientation we find out license plates our total expenses in the future and the cars and the jobs we are going to have. Career Orientation's actualy help us understand our future.