Syllabus Survey FAQ

January 2016

Reminder: Early Morning Help available Mon, Wed, Thurs at 8:15.

How much homework will be given?

Homework is only given when a student does not complete in class assignments. Students who stay on task and work diligently in class should be able to complete all assignments in class and have no homework. (Except studying for test/quizzes)

Will projects be completed at home?

Projects will never be completed at home. While some of our projects are completed individually, most are completed with a group. I like all work to be completed in class so I can monitor the progress of each group and make sure all students are participating and completing their share of the work.

Students are given plenty of time in class to complete each project, however, some groups may want additional time to complete their project. Groups needing extra time can come in during early morning help.

What type of home technology is needed?

With very little homework a computer is not necessary at home, however, it can be a great resource for students who need to complete some assignments at home and for studying for tests and quizzes. If a computer is not available at home any assignments students need to complete outside of class can be completed during early morning help.

Some of our assignments will require specific software and will require students complete these assignments in the Tech Ed lab. Students who are not able to complete these assignments in class will need to come in for early morning help to complete these assignments.

What are the expectations for parents/parent involvement?

Parents should check the portal and e-class regularly. Please help ensure your student completest all assignments in a timely manner and stays on track this semester.

Is there a specific flashdrive that is needed?

No specific flash drive is needed for this class.

What type and how much wood is needed?

Any scrap pieces of wood of any size/variety would be greatly appreciated.

Emily Dent

As always please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.