Early Chinese Civilization

Carson Harris


China is mostly made up of mountains and deserts.Where the China's stayed was between the Huang, and Chang Jiang rivers. Because along these river there was more enriched soil than the other places in China. (10% of land is suitable for farming) The climate in China varies from region to region based on the monsoons. North of Chang Jiang river has hot summers and mild winters wile on the south portion has hot summers and cold winters.

Religions, Beliefs structures

Chinese believed that supernatural forces would help them worldly affairs. For example priest's would make use of oracle bones to ask questions "WIll the king be victorious in battle" then they would stick a heated rock to the bone and when the bone to crack and the shape of the cracks were answers from the gods. They believed in life after death. the chinese mainly tried to win the favor of the gods. Because if they treat the spirits of there ancestors that they would bring them good or bad fortune to living.

political/social structers

At the start China they were under the Shang dynasty, they the Zhou revolt against eh shang and established the Zhou dynasty. The Zhou claimed that they ruled China all because it possessed the Mandate of heaven. Which meant that they had direct authority to rule and take order. In the Zhou dynasty had the basic features of the economic and social life. The continued the land ownership by planting,growing, and harvesting.


One of China's accomplishments that china had was the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall stretches across china's landscape to stop others from getting through. A time progressed China's technology was improved. For example water mills for grinding grain, an iron cast which led to the invention of steel, and lastly paper was developed.


Huang He: A yellow river stretching across China

Chang Jiang: A longer river that crosses central China

Aristocracy:Upper class people whose wealth is based on land

Mandate of Heaven: Direct authority from heaven to rule and keep order

Dao: A key to proper behavior

The duty of family members to subordinate their needs

Pictographs: a picture Symbol, Ore graph A character that combines two or more pictures

Confucius: a westernized form of Kongfuzi meaning Master King

Confucianism: System of confucian ideas

Daoism: system of ideas based on teaching

Laozi:Old Masters

Legalism: Proposed that humans are evil to nature