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Features of Tummy Tuck Surgery in India: Dr. Rashmi Taneja Best Plastic Surgeons in India

Today, everyone is keen to redefine the contours about their bodies in order to look the best. The body redefining treatments simply include the surgery called Tummy Tuck in India that helps in achieving the smooth and flat kind of abdomen by getting rid of the excess amount of fat and skin over the abdominal areas along with tightening the abdomen muscles. The other procedures like liposuction that permanently gets away of the stubborn fat areas causing some unsightly bulges. The women keen to redefine their breasts and bodies would help in enhancing their body contours. Bigger size breasts causing chronic back and shoulder pain. India has one of the best infrastructures for cosmetic and medical surgeries. It has one of the best doctors and cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Rashmi Taneja who is known as the best surgeon in the country. Now, let’s check out the features of tummy tuck surgery in India as under:

What is tummy tuck surgery?

The term tummy tuck simply refers to cosmetic surgery procedure, which is designed in order to help the patient sculpt and tone up the abdominal areas. This can offer you flatter and tighter kind of appearance over the abdomen area. The ideal candidate for the surgery, are the ones who is reasonably healthy, the one who is unable to get rid of the same with a number of other non surgical options, woman who has no plans for pregnancy, and lastly the one who has realistic expectations.

The benefits of Tummy Tuck Surgery :

The tummy tuck surgery can benefit a patient in many ways; some of the benefits are as under:

  • It improves the abdominal wall making flatter and firmer

  • It reduces the bulge of the tummy after the pregnancy
  • It helps you psychologically improving upon the self esteem & the general confidence
  • The outcome of the surgery can last long provided you maintain it

Dr. Rashmi Taneja – The Best plastic surgeon in India :

When it comes to the top and Best Plastic Surgeon in India, you have a couple of name, which certainly include the one called Dr. Rashmi Taneja. She has her MBBS followed by a specialization in American Board of Surgery and a certificate from the American Board of Plastic Surgery valid till 2000. Doctor Taneja has a huge amount of experience in Plastic and Cosmetic surgeries and is known for her training in different aspects of plastic and reconstructive surgeries from University of Southern California, LA. She has been the chief resident at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, while a known name in Plastic Surgeons’ circle in India and abroad. She has published a dozen of paper in reputed journals in India and abroad followed by presenting a number of papers as well. With expertise and experience, she is able to carry out a number of plastic surgeries including Tummy Tuck Surgery in India with greater care and professionalism.

Why Tummy Tuck Surgery in India?

There are several reasons why Tummy Tuck surgery in India is considered. Some of the features of tummy tuck surgery in India are as under:

  • India is competitive in terms of cost when you talk about finding high quality and affordable plastic surgery in India. English speaking medical staff, specially trained doctors and plastic surgeons giving affordable solutions make India an excellent place for Tummy Tuck procedure.

  • The Plastic Surgery hospitals in India are known to have one of the best facilities and infrastructure governed by state of art technology. The Indian government also supports the trend of medical tourism in India giving away the global patients quick medical visas and other elements.
  • Medical tourism for procedures like Tummy Tuck surgery in India can be clubbed with a vacation trip considering a number of tourist places in this country. In this way, one can have the treatment along with find time to relax at some of the most soothing places in the country to get a quicker recovery.