Let us eat!

Students should be allowed to eat during class!

If teachers eat in class why can't we?

When teachers eat during class but say that their students can't they're being hypocrites and mean. Because we have different lunch times and some are late lunches students get hungry and don't focus, they just think about food instead of doing their work. I know when I'm hungry i just think about food and tune out whatever the teacher is saying because I'm so hungry. Some kids don't even eat breakfast so they should be allowed to eat during their first period. Teachers think that food would be a distraction but it might help us focus because if we're eating we won't be hungry anymore and we won't be thinking about food. While teachers have the rule we can't eat in class they are because they're hungry, just because they're adults doesn't mean we don't have the same rights as them.

If kids leave trash punish that particular kid

Another reason teachers don't like their students eating in their classroom is because they think that the students will leave their trash in their classroom. If a teacher see's a student eating a snack and they leave their rash in that classroom then the teacher should punish that one student, not punish the whole class for something they didn't do. First off that's not being fair to the rest f the class and either way that student who left their trash wouldn't get to eat a snack for a certain amount of time. By doing this students will learn not to leave their trash in teachers classrooms and both teachers and students would be happy. As of smells if students finish their snack how would your classroom smell? If it does don't let your students eat that type of snack. Let students eat things like goldfish or chips.
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Workers don't get to eat on their job so why should students?

This is what most adults think "if we can't eat snacks on our job why should students?" Well students aren't adults, we're still growing and need to eat food and snacks during the day. Adults also can wait to eat longer than kids can because they're older and teens naturally eat more. If workers want to eat then they should just eat, most jobs don't mind their workers snacking during the day because most workers have their own office so if they trash it up they have to deal with it. So really workers are just to scared to eat or they aren't hungry so they don't need to complain.

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photos: Phily.com Denise Jeffery Friday December 6th 2013