Digital Conversion Bytes

Vol. 15 - April 28, 2017

iPads Provide quick access to valuable resources at Frontier Elementary

The following story was submitted by the 3rd Grade teachers at Frontier Elementary.

Third grade students at Frontier Elementary use iPads daily to enhance and extend their learning through a variety of apps and websites. Digital Read Works has quickly become a favorite for both students and teachers. The website provides access to high-quality nonfiction and literary articles. Students are highly engaged in the articles and enjoy using the site’s highlighting and annotating tools to mark up the text to show their thinking. Students confidently tackle text-based questions and receive immediate feedback, allowing for student self-reflection. In addition, the website’s article-of-the-day feature allows students to read multiple articles with a common theme. Having iPads available in classrooms has been great for allowing students quick access to valuable resources!

Chromebooks have enhanced the learning experience at Central Middle School

The following story was submitted by Mr. Matt Nagle, 8th grade science teacher at Central Middle School.

At Central Middle School, the Chromebooks have taken over every aspect of the science class, and because of this, the students have become highly proficient in their use. When we first started, every class period was slowed down with multiple troubleshooting issues, but now there are virtually none. When the students use the Chromebooks to take notes, they utilize formatting features such as outlines, making the information easier to find at a glance. The Chromebooks have helped enhance the notes we take in class by allowing students to collaborate to find the perfect image or example that may be added into the notes for further understanding. With the Chromebooks, I have the opportunity to have a conversation about the subject material with the class rather than a lecture. The students are able to look up an image, a map, or a piece of information on the fly; allowing the student to have something to contribute to the conversation rather than just be talked at. My “lecture times” are more fluid and keep the students engaged because they feel like a larger part of the learning process.

Take a look below at one of the presentations a group of students was able to do because of easy access to the Chromebooks in class.


About the Project

Mission: Empowering all students to succeed in a

changing society.

Vision: Advancing excellence in everything we do!

Digital Conversion, simply put, is about learning and not about technology. The project will provide student mobile devices, digital content (curriculum, including textbooks), professional development, network infrastructure, and a Learning Management System. This project will provide our students with the experience, skills, confidence, and adaptability they will need to succeed in college and in the workforce.