Primal Movement Chains Netherlands

Moving Beyond Mobility (Release Your Beast)

Movement Never Lies!

Change how someone moves and you change everything!

Come spend a day moving and learning in the Netherlands. Get better at what you love to do and change lives with movement. PMC will change the way you move and assess the brain/body brakes.

What you will learn:
*20 Primal patterns from the ground up
*Releasing the top 5 joints restricting movement
*Resetting Fascial lines
*The RAIL Neuromechanical Reset system
(Release. Activate. Integrate. Locomotion

*Breathing and the diaphragm.

*Powerful Resets with Tactical Breathing
*Neck rules the movement road
*Big toe. Butt. Belly
*Thoracic spine rotation linchpin

*Pallof Press Variations
*Power lives in the transverse plane. How to optimize it.
*Slings and subsystem evaluations

*Anti-Rotation Torque Test
*Neurolymphatic activation



PrImal Movement Chains

Saturday, Jan. 9th 2016 at 8:30am-5:30pm

Flow Gym Franciscusweg 275a, 1216SG Hilversum, Netherlands

Phone: +310610775840 Website:
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