be aware of mental health

Mental health is an issue.

We all need to be aware of mental health and help people that suffer from it. Mental health brings pain to families and can affect a lot of people. To help people that suffer from mental health, talk to them, don't be afraid to ask them how they are, support them. If you suffer from a mental illness : talk to someone, a family member, a teacher, a friend, even a doctor. Remember we are here to help!


Do not ignore.

Anxiety, bipolar, childhood amnesia and depression are all types of mental illness. Symptoms of mental illness:

depression - lowers mood, makes you feel worthless and exhausted.

Anxiety - constant worry, restlessness sleep, increase heart beat and stomach upset.

If people in your family or friends are showing symptoms similar to these, please listen and support them. And please contact us or a doctor or any other mental health place, this is a big issue and not much is being done, just a friend, someone to communicate with can make them feel so much better. I know its only a little but it can make a big change.

About us

We are a group of citizenship students in year 9, our project is to help people be aware of mental health, but we are not just showing our school, we're making this worldwide, sending our message around the uk, to people with mental illness and to people who knows someone with mental health. We are talking to children in our school about this, please get our message around.