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October update

Delving into our Learning!

Well, the first six weeks are past, and we are well into our routines and curriculum. In math, we've finished the first Unit on Place Value and addition and subtraction, and our next unit involves the BIG M - Multiplication! :) Be looking for introduction letters for Xtra Math homework in the coming week.
This week in writing we'll wrap up our first Four-Square published piece. This will be placed in the writer's notebook as a reference for writing homework, which will be an essay a week (starting in about 2 weeks) After that is complete, we'll start our Realistic Fiction unit, which corresponds with our Character unit in Reading. We finished Goal Setting this week - most fourth graders are looking for more Details, Details, Details in their writing about their reading.
We finished exploring Scientific Method, and are studying the symbols and traditions of New Hampshire. Next we'll learn about the land forms of our state, which leads us into our second unit in science - Weathering & Erosion.
We have completed two units in our Vocabulary program, which the kids love. We will finally start our first official words unit this week - after beginning the year by practicing routines and setting expectations.

Fourth-graders in Action!

Thank you!!!

I was so proud of our 4th graders helping to keep our ocean's clean - and we coudn't have done it without our chaperones. Thank you to all the parents (and grandparents!) that were able to take the morning from their busy schedules and help us collect 80 lbs of trash!!!
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Congratulations are in order!

  • Nice job class ~ our Fairy House was most relaxing! (And Gabe for winning it in a raffle).
  • Also, Abby, Delaney, Gabe, Elise and Abigail were all selected for Student Leadership - way to go!
  • Just about EVERYONE made progress on their math facts in September - keep up the good work.
  • Dondero has never had a quieter Fire Drill practice than the first one this year!!