Week of 5/2/16 Admin Information

Next meeting: May 5th @ 9AM, 1.888.824.5783, 89731796

Agenda, 5/5/16

Agenda (large call):

  • POC Updates
  • Marketing Updates
  • Enrollment/Re-Reg Updates & Metrics
  • Teacher Appreciation Week is this week! Don't forget to recognize your teachers by the end of the week.
  • Staffing for SY16-17, Early Hiring, Classroom Site Fund Positions

Important Dates & Information

-Kelly is out of the office Tuesday/Wednesday this week - Traveling to/from Herndon, VA. Contact Lyndsey with emergencies.

-SAI Surveys - Principals, please be sure you continue to message your staff to complete the spring SAI survey (and provide a screenshot as 'proof' to you for completion).

-SY16-17 Handbooks - Principals, be sure your teams are working on next year's handbooks before your staff are all off on summer break!

-Summer vacation - Be sure to plan your summer vacation and add your time off to the shared Admin Calendar in Sharepoint (contact Denese if you need access).

-Re-Registration is underway. Please be sure this is a focus of your staff. We need 100% of all students to have a marked registration status!

World Without Teachers


Master Calendar (Academic Plan): Lyndsey Witt

Next Gen English Courses: Sarah Lawrence

Next Gen Math Courses: Bouchra Bouanani

New School Email Champion: Nichole Peterson

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Mission Statements

Arizona Virtual Academy empowers students to reach their highest potential through partnerships between students, families, and dedicated teachers, in order to prepare them for future educational goals and careers.

Insight Academy of Arizona is a public online charter school that uses K12, Inc. programs and curricula to meet the needs of diverse student populations through innovative uses of technology, effective teachers and instruction, and partnerships with families and community, while specifically serving students who are struggling academically, severely academic credit deficient, and are at a higher risk for dropout. Insight empowers students to think critically and achieve academic success and personal growth with specialized support and programs. Insight Academy is accessible for all Arizona students- regardless of geographic, financial, or demographic circumstance – therefore, providing online education alternatives that are as unique as the students we serve.