Principally Speaking

Celebrating 20 Years at Cold Spring!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Today marks the end of Teacher Appreciation Week, a time to say thanks to the wonderful teachers, not only here at Cold Spring, but also throughout the world. Day by day I come to Cold Spring, and I am continually amazed by the steps I see the Cold Spring Staff take to meet the individual needs of kids. I am truly blessed to work alongside such a wonderful group of teachers.

But that is not the only way I, and all the staff at Cold Spring, are blessed. We are also blessed to work with your kids, kids who come from families that value learning and who do so much to not only prepare your kids for school, but also reinforce all the work we do with them on a daily basis. The value of this cannot be underestimated!

At our Town Hall Meeting yesterday, I reminded the kids how fortunate we all are to be a part of a school like Cold Spring. I told them how I recently spoke with a teacher (located less than an hour from here) who struggles to get all the supplies she needs to provide even the most basic education to her students. Textbooks? Not enough for everyone. Pencils? Maybe. Computers? Likely outdated. IPads? Not a chance! Indeed we are fortunate!

So let me take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone in the Cold Spring Community. Thank you teachers and support staff. Thanks for working tirelessly to make every child feel special! Thank you students. Thanks for making us laugh, making us cry, and making us wonder why. Thank you parents. Thanks for your unwavering support of us. Without you, none of this would be possible.

I am truly blessed to be the principal at Cold Spring. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Filling Our Buckets!

Yesterday we celebrated our first annual Bucket Day here at Cold Spring. The purpose of the day was to build community by having students and staff work together to beautify the Cold Spring gardens. Your kids were so enthusiastic about helping, and thanks to them, we got it all done in about four hours. Many hands do indeed make light work!

Important Dates

May 6th: National Nurses Day; BOGO Book Fair and Spring Fair Ticket Sales
May 7th: Spring Fair (11:00 to 3:00)
May 19th: Sound of Science School Assembly (9:00AM K-3, 10:00AM 4-6)
May 23rd: Spring Concert @ Holicong (7:00PM)
May 27th: 20th Anniversary Celebration (9:00AM)
May 30th: School Closed (Memorial Day)