Elf .vs. Flammulated

Abby Lastinger and Lexie Nelson

Flammulated Owl

One thing about a Flammulated owl is they are only 7 inches long! The sound these owls make are a low pitched whoop-WHOOP! One more fact is Flammulated owlets can fly within 25 days from their birthdate. During the winter Flammulated owls migrate to places where insects are very common
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Elf owl

The elf owl is 5 to 6 inches tall and 1 to 1.4 ounces. Most young elf owls leave the nest at twenty- eight to thirty-two days. Elf owls eat very large insects and small reptiles. The clutch size is 4 eggs.
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Similarities and differences


*both owls live in the U.S and Mexico

*both owls lay 2-4 eggs at a time

*Elf and Flammulated owls are both grey owls

*one of the most popular pery for both owls are small insects


*Elf owls full size is 5 and 1/2 inches and a Flammulated owls full size is 7 inches

*Elf owl's wingspan is 14-15 inches and Flammulated owls wingspan is 14-19 inches

*For elf owls it take about 3 week to hatch an egg and for a flammulated owl it takes about 21-24 days
*A flammulated owls call is rather deep-pitched and an elf owl's call is a rather high-pitched


Birthdate- a day of which something is born

Migrate- move from one region or habitat to another, especially according to the season

Owlets- baby owls

Clutch size- refers to the number of eggs laid in a single brood of a nesting pair of birds

Ounces- 1/16 of a pound, ounces are a unit of weight

Reptiles- reptiles are tetrapod animals (lizards, amphibians, snakes, crocodiles, etc.)