What do you know about your team?

Reflect Your Team Values!


As team member oder team-lead you find yourself in daily work-life-situations, wondering why there is given only few (and even no) feedback among your team members. And a few days later, the concrete situation has passed out of mind, due to the overwhelming amount of daily work. Once again, your team missed the chance to becoming better! Good news: JUST CHANGE IT and let your team members give feedback to daily team situations whenever they want to!

HOT and NEW: App Prototype arises! www.feedback-circle.de

A valuable feedback instrument: The "ValYou Model".

How does a team start?
First of all, the team members have to decide which values they want to observe in daily work. I suggest 3 to max. 5 values.

How will feedback be given?
If a team member recognizes a situation where another team member was e.g. courageous, he puts a green glass-murmel into the glass "courage" and comments the positive situation in a few words.
Otherwise, when a team member recognizes a team situation where there was lack of courage, he puts a red glass-murmel into the glass "courage" and comments the negative situation in a few words.

What else happens?
You will find out that team members will start to talk about their values - in and outside of the team room. Thus, other teams will be involved and they potentially will follow in using the feedback model.

How does it help becoming a great team?
Having retrospectives e.g. monthly, the team members talks about the given feedback and find out what has to be changed and how they will change it.
And, if there are values mostly observed positive, teams will find other values to focus on.

The feedback...
  • is guided by common team values (as "Guiding Principles", "Scrum Values", ...)
  • is given anonymously or named (team decides)
  • is gathered in a central place (e.g. team room)
  • is discussed and handled by the team (e.g. in a retrospective)

This is the royal road for teams - and companies - anchoring relevant values "bottom up"!

Participate and succeed!

We are convinced that team members will become more satisfied in using our model. Teams will deliver better products and thus customer satisfaction will arise! Do you need any more reasons for using it?

Now, this is your first step: Contact us for talking about details personally. Our current focus is on teams which collaborate in one location.


Who we are
This initiative was started by Michael Brausam, Deutsche Telekom AG, Darmstadt. More team members are coming from Deutsche Telekom AG, Darmstadt and ScrumCenter, Berlin.

To address your questions and your wish to take part in the actual phase contact us:

Please, give us Feedback to 3 hypothesis:

#1: As product team, we believe that team members think: Common values are important for us!

#2: As product team, we believe that team members want to give concrete feedback into the team (by writing comment cards)!

#3: As product team, we believe that team members give honest and more often feedback, if they can give it anonymous! (comment cards without name on it)

Please comment each hyphothesis with:

"yes, I agree."

"perhaps, under following condition..."

"no, I don't agree because..."

in sending eMail to: ValYou@t-online.de

Thank YOU!

Feedback given, Play4Agile (March, 2013)


Person 1: "Perhaps, under the condition that they are already a team (=1st step). When starting a new team maybe it's better not to use the word "values". I guess it's better, you talk about and work with values with existing teams."

Person 2: "Perhaps, under good conditions, values may be important. But first step is to become a real team."


Person 1: I agree.

Person 2: I agree.


Person 1: "I agree, the hurdle of using it is lower. Think about: Persons who get feedback want probably to talk directly with the feedback giving person."

Person 2: "Perhaps (sometimes). Think about: anonymous feedback ist not always anonymous when you know each other... - so, maybe not all feedback is really given."