A Message From Bartels

Last Thursday, I told the girls that I would not be able to coach them next year. I am retiring from teaching and cannot legally coach (receive a state paycheck or coach the team as a volunteer)next season. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for all you have done to make the WPGB Program a success. From your playing days to graciously volunteering to work with the girls, you have passed on the legacy of what it takes to be a Lady Colonial basketball player. I enjoyed coaching all of you and watching you become wonderfully successful young (some of you not so young anymore) women. One of the highlights of my coaching career has been your willingness to continue to be involved in OUR program. This does not happen everywhere. It is what makes you so special. I will miss seeing you at practices and games and hope that you will continue to be such a positive influence on those younger than you. It is important and you do such a great job in this regard. Thanks for everything!!!

Take Care!

Chuck/Bart/ Coach